Hello Curry Delivers Freshly Cooked Desi Khana in 30 Minutes

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Hello Curry


Delivering home-style desi food, Hello Curry’s delivery-only services guarantee freshly-cooked khana in under 30 minutes.

Home-cooked fix

On a rainy day, or when home is all you can think of, and pizzas and Chinese food just doesn’t cut it, Hello Curry will be your knight in shining armour. After kicking things off in Hyderabad first, they came to Bangalore last year, and we are pretty thrilled. And what we most appreciate is that they promise delivery within half an hour {unless of course it’s raining cats and dogs or traffic has been stopped for a politician} by using Western efficiencies into Indian cooking.

What to eat

On offer are things like pulavs, biryani, rotis and curries {naturally}. We ordered Jalfrezi chicken {chicken in a tomato and onion gravy} and the Chicken Tikka Masala with veggie biryani on one day, and we were not disappointed. It’s worth pointing out that we were pleasantly surprised that the two gravies were packed in plastic-lined jars {leak-proof} and the rice arrives in colourful hinged takeaway boxes – perfect for desk or office maneuverability. Another time, Crispy Baby Corn {yes, it came crunchy still!}, Paneer Pops which were soft but a bit bland and parathas were on the cards. You can pick the heavy Malabar parathas for a night time meal and the wheat ones for a lighter lunch option.

Just in

Our latest order though saw a whole new section being ordered – Makkai Mutter Pulav, Peshawari Paneer Biryani, Dilli Ka Daal Makhani and Pahadi Chicken. And while the paneer and Pahadi Chicken {soft and fiery} were both tasty, it was only once we got through the pulav and daal {which will give Bukhara a run on a hungry night} that we were done feeling homesick for the North. Interestingly, they also add on a lot of vegetables to make your meal that much healthier. And not in the boring form, but made to suit your order. So think crunchy veggie-loaded raita with rice, or a salad-like chur mur for the dry orders.

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Price: INR 300 upwards

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