Art For The Heart: The Mountains Come Home In This Artist's Collectible Plates!

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What Makes It Awesome

Visual Artist, Hemangini Maharaul creates magic in her eponymous home decor brand and we were both inspired and in a rapture after coming across her work on the LBB Shop. 'For the mountains, by the mountains, of the mountains' is her mantra and mountain magic it is all the way! The word Hemangini also translates to "golden body" and gold seems to be the preferred colour of choice of this skilled artist.

What further adds to the interest and allure of Hemangini's work is that Longpi Black Pottery Collectible Plates is her blank canvas of choice. On this she deftly paints stunning golden visuals of the Himalayan Odyssey. Every collectible plate is totally one-of-kind and nuanced in its finish. The same is available in deep green stoneware/ceramic. Aside from plates, Hemangini also makes Himalayan Odyssey Black Pottery Collectible Bowls. 

These are heavy-duty centerpieces in our opinion, one that will go on to become heirloom artworks. It's also interesting to note Hemangini's affair with mountains, especially the Himalayas -- the artist shares that these deep pieces of art and collection of drawings on plates is actually a mockery of our irresponsible actions of illegal mining and quarrying in Himachal's hills. She asks an important question -- "What happened to worshipping our rivers, our forests, our mountains?"

Like all original, meaningful and impactful artwork, Hemangini's collection is rightfully priced high. Prices for any collectible plate starts at INR 3,600 upwards.