This B&B In Wayanad Will Work For Those Looking To Stay At A Tree House With A View

Hiliya Resort


Nestled in the lap of nature is one of the most serene bed and breakfasts in Wayanad, Kerala – Hiliya Resort.

Surrounded By Serenity

Set in the middle of acres of farmland, Hiliya Resorts is one of the best places I’ve ever stayed in. We stayed in the main heritage bungalow but they also have cottages, tree houses and, if you’re a backpacker, dormitories to stay in. The heritage bungalow is made in typical Kerala architectural style with a gabled roof and four pillar structure with many rooms individually rented out and a common kitchen and dining area where meals are served. You can also rent the whole place out if you’re a big group.

Up In The Air

The tree houses are on mango trees and are built some 40ft from the ground. They’re situated along the river and are just the cosiest little things. The view is also incredible from these tree houses! You can see the entire Hiliya property including their coffee plantation and the river. The food they serve at the common dining area is all local Kerala cuisine such as puttu, and appam served with delicious meat {or chickpea} curries.

Indiana Jonesing Around

Right opposite the bungalow is a little bridge that leads to the rest of the property. Apart from miles of greenery, there’s so much native fauna like butterflies, bees and birds you’ll encounter that you’re bound to feel like you’re exploring a rainforest. You can also try one of the various activities like rubber tapping, fishing, coffee plucking and pruning that are welcome for the guests to try their hand at. They’ll also help you out if you want to learn to cook traditional Kerala fare. But if you’re not up for any activities, Hiliya really is the best place to just unwind and enjoy nature.

Hiliya Resort