Our List Of Home Bakers In Bangalore For When You Need Some Sugar

No matter how strong-willed you are, or what new diet you’re on, these home bakers in Bangalore are bound to get through to you. What makes these home bakers great? Their passion and zeal reflect on their work. Sure, salads are good for your body, but these baked goodies are what our souls live for. When’s the last time you took a bite of a salad and your heart skipped a beat? So check out these decadent home bakers in Bangalore to please your sweet tooth.

Mo Made Patisserie

An exquisite venture by Monisha Prakash, this home bakery specializes in intricately designed cakes. Their floral cakes are so elegant they’re wedding-worthy without a doubt. If making it to this list wasn’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know that Mo Made Patisserie won the title of Best Baker at LBB’s Dessert Bazaar 2019.


The healthiest of them all, Lluvia is famous for its organic whole-wheat breads that are baked fresh, daily. Their cookies are made of unbleached sugar or jaggery and their biscottis have no butter or oil, which is ideal if you’re looking to cheat without the impending guilt. 

Delivery Services

Lluvia Bakery

28, HNR Industrial Area, Kasavanahalli, Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru



Whether the occasion is a birthday, a wedding, anniversary, Mother's day, friendship day or your run-of-the-mill eat an entire cake day, ‘Superbaker Ankita’ has something in store for every occasion. With Mummalicious, each cake gets the love, care, detailing that one would expect from a mother, making each cake unique! They have a variety of different flavours and frostings, but the chocolate with raspberry stands out as one of their most popular options. 


Minna Abraham creates beautiful fondant cakes according to any theme of your choice. Her quirky cakes are known to stifle a giggle at the very least. If that isn’t all her cakes taste just as good as it looks, if not better.

Taantraa- Organic Handbaking

Now get your dose of organic, vegan and gluten free in the form of cakes. We’d be lying if we told you that we weren’t amazed by the sheer variety of options that they offer! One of Bangalore’s go-to-bakers for all options vegan and gluten-free, Chaitali bakes with classic ingredients such chocolate, almonds and walnuts but also with ingredients you never imagined would find a home in cakes such as edible flowers, moong dal, beetroot and sweet potatoes. 

Sweet Whisk

A hit among both children and adults, baker Karen Lobo Dutta incorporates the skill of three people in one. We’re already looking forward to the next special occasion to get our hands on some decadent custom cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, cake pops and more. 

Sweet Petal Cakes

From rich chocolate and fluffy vanilla to blueberry and pineapple, baker Leona caters to all tastes, however classic or quirky they may be. We also have our eyes on the cupcakes and cake pops that she offers.


Sweet Petal Cakes By Leona

Skanda Enclave, 301, Block B, 1st A Main, 3rd Stage, Banashankari, Bengaluru


Itsy Bitsy Bytes

With fondant toppings that are sure to make you think that your favorite character/object has come to life, baker Divya makes the most aesthetically pleasing cakes that you almost wouldn’t want to cut into. However, once you do and take a bite of their rich, sumptuous cakes, and you will not regret having done so. 

Magic Bites

From cupcakes that come in different sizes to cream cakes and customized cakes, Magic Bites has found the formula to making cakes that you can not only feast your stomachs on but also your eyes. With a wide range of different flavors and frostings to choose from, you’ll be wishing for an express delivery of the next special occasion!  

Sugary Bakers

This home baker offers  boutique bakery experience and creates designer cakes, that deliver just the right amount of panache; not too over-the-top. This home baker has immaculate knowledge about baking, and can cater to your every sweet craving. Ideal for a child’s birthday or baby showers.

Sweettooth Kriti Rao

Kriti Rao's will pop up your Instafeed and your occasion with fancy-schmancy cupcakes, tarts and cakes that are whimsically decorated. They will instigate immediate sweet tooth cravings especially the floral cakes with realistic looking flowers and succulents iced on them. They are almost too pretty to eat. Also, look out for her anti-gravity cakes that are out-of-the-box. 

Gorgeous Cakes

Want a cake to not look like a cake, but taste like one? Gorgeous Cakes delivers just that. Using fondant, edible prints, and any other props you like, you'll get your cake and eat it too. After Instagramming it of course. All made to order, they've not been known to turn down outladish requests either, so if you're looking for a specific theme party cake, you've got your home baker here!

The Love & Crumble Co.

We have already raved about Anutha Shetty’s lovely cookies here. Shetty offers dark chocolate, Nutella, butterscotch and PBJ (peanut butter, jelly) versions of the cookie. Look out for her Brookie, a brownie plus cookie cake, or the Nutella Stuffed Cookie Cake.

Sugar Rush By Samiksha Samsukha

For all things quirky, cute, and creatively yummy, Sugar Rush by Samiksha should satisfy. Looking for smores and double chocolate cakes to rekindle that camp trip? Or stay on trend with salted caramel? She's got your back. Speaking of trends, you can get unicorn cakes (we don't mean just multi-coloured, we mean a unicorn shaped cake, with sparkles and everything!), and even cakesicles with designs too cute to eat. And they're available in vegan options too. 

Home Bakers

Sugar Rush

186, 11th Main, 4th Cross, Hanumanthnagar, Banashankari, Bengaluru


Lizzie's Bakes

Lizzie's Bakes had one of our writers in quite a tizzy after he sampled her Nutella Chocochip cookies. Known for cookies with the perfect consistency (crisp on the outside and chewey inside, with gooey chunks of chocolate). Apart from indulgent cookies, you can order brownies, and cakes as well. Nothing really extravagant, but great when you just feel like some cake, or dessert.