Show Off Your Love For Sneakers By Shopping From This Streetwear Brand

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For those of you who are obsessed with sneakers, Homecourt is a brand that is dedicated to everything shoes and even curates events around street culture.

What Makes It Awesome

Homecourt is a India’s multi-brand store dedicated to streetwear and sneakers from all over the world. Bringing niche skater and street brands including vintage ones from Japan, USA and Russia, they even promote homegrown brands. Supreme Off White, Palace and Jordan are a few brands they’ve brought to India.

In shoes, you’ll see Puma in animal prints and classic white. Jordans in patterns of black and red and in combinations of orange, blue and white are available on the website. Nike, Reebok, Kobes and Adidas are all available on their platform so instead of waiting for your uncle to come down from the United States, you can just order that pair of sneakers you’ve been eyeing. Also selling apparel, pick up hoodies, jerseys and vintage jackets with Coca Cola and Bel Air logos on them.

Homecourt hosts pop-ups across the country featuring the best of streetwear and sneaker brands (so you can pick the shoes up after seeing what they look like on you) with live sneaker art customisations. Since these are day-long events, there are live hip-hop sets, panel discussions and even designer cocktails.


Homecourt doesn’t have a physical outlet yet so you can shop from their website You can even follow them on social media to know when they’re having their next pop-up.