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Sinful Comfort: 11 Of The Best Places To Order In Hot Chocolate In Bangalore

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Let's face it, we're one of the few cities in India that you can have hot chocolate without worrying about soaring temperature, any time of the year. Whether it's the chilly winds of the winter, the cold of the monsoon or the breeze during summer, somehow, hot chocolate doesn't seem out of place in Bangalore, any time! So if you can’t be bothered to make some hot cocoa at home, then just order in from these cafes and eateries that offer the best hot chocolate in Bangalore. And they offer everything from the standard versions to sinful affairs such as a those perked up with nuts, spices, and plenty of whipped cream.

Disclaimer: Given the Covid-19 situation, it's best to order in or arrange for pick from the spots mentioned below.

Happy Belly Bakes

The steaming mug of hot chocolate here is as thick as it gets. The perfect combination of gooey cocoa, steamed milk and sugary sweetness, this is one mug (pick the jumbo size) you might want to nurse on a cool evening. The outlet on Primrose Road even has hot chocolate shots! Yaaas! Happy Belly Bakes is open for delivery (Swiggy and Zomato) so order yourself a hug in a cup! Better still, you can now order packs of their instant hot chocolate mix. That's right! Stock up on these babies to make your own rich, dark and decadent hot chocolate drink to enjoy anytime at home.

Art of Delight

The hot chocolate here comes in an ooey gooey, thick sauce form. You can request for this to be turned into a drink or have it go on as topping on waffles or ice cream. Yum! Think two desserts in one! You can also order in a jar or two of this hot chocolate sauce and mix it up with some hot milk and add a swirl of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and you are set! The Ashok Nagar Art Of Delight is open complying with all safety standards. You can enjoy your hot chocolate here on a chilly evening or order-in via Swiggy and Zomato.


At this chocolate cafe, the selection of hot chocolates available are purely made out of rich, thick molten chocolate with some flavour additions and nuts. Their Dark Chocolate is just that: pure, dark chocolate. Other combinations include dark chocolate with almonds (roasted and caramelised), cashews, and cranberries. Caramelised hazelnuts and almonds pair up with white chocolate to create other sinful, hot combinations. What's also interesting is something called the Hot Chocolate Dip -- bars of hot chocolate (yes!) that you can order in boxes of 4 or 8 to make your hot chocolate at home! L'inoui, Cunningham is temporarily closed but they a are delivering their divine hot chocolates through personal delivery (via their website) or Swiggy. Call them today to place your orders! 

San Churro Cafe

Their selection of Spanish hot chocolates has us salivating. Take your pick from Classic Spanish, Aztec (with chilli), Hot and Cold (with chocolate ice cream), Madrid Mocha (thick dark chocolate with espresso), and Mint Magnifico (with mint). There’s also whipped cream, marshmallows and churros to go as extras along with your hot chocolate. These hot chocolates can also be picked up curbside or as a takeaway through Dunzo or Swiggy Genie or ordered in through Zomato.


On a day when you don’t feel like guzzling endless cups of their caffeine, try the Signature Hot Chocolate at Starbucks, a combination of four kinds of cocoa and steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with chocolate powder. Starbucks also has a version with white chocolate and milk, and there’s also one for the little tykes with steamed milk infused with mocha-flavoured syrup, and topped with a swirl of sweetened whipped cream. Order-in this delightful concoction through Swiggy because they are delivering! You may or may not like the coffee, but dare we say, the hot chocolate is a must. 

Matteo Coffea

Rich cocoa stirred in with steamed milk, topped with dollops of whipped cream and finally garnished with chocolate shavings – this is what the Hot Cocoa at Matteo Coffea looks like. Plus, it tastes really thick, creamy and delicious too. Matteo is now open for takeaway and serves up their luscious hot chocolate. However, you will have to order the hot chocolate specifically through dunzo. 


Smoor has five kinds of hot chocolate on their menu including sinful Classic Belgian versions with milk and dark chocolate. Other flavours included a spiced version and a hazelnut one, along with a rich Dark Chocolate Cafe version. They also recently introduced an ingenious way of enjoying this delicious beverage -- it's called, Stir It Up. Basically hot chocolate on a stick or in lollipop form, if you will. All you have to do is, like the name suggests, drop this stick in a cup of hot milk and stir it up to enjoy at home! Flavour such as Hot Chocolate Honey, Hot Chocolate Mocha and Hot Chocolate Mint is available. Order in your hot chocolate through their Stir Up Sticks on Swiggy or the Smoor website and cosy up. 

DYU Art Cafe

Their special hot chocolate mix made in house contains fresh cocoa, melted chocolate and hot milk, all of which will have you grinning with the first sip. Rich and generous with the cocoa, the hot chocolate is perfect for the vibe of the place. DYU's idyllic space will have you wanting to sit with bae, or by yourself sipping one one of their hot drinks accompanied by the dessert or a book. Rejoice because DYU Art Cafe can now personally serve you their hot chocolate or can deliver it to you through Dunzo.

Aloha Drinking Chocolate

Say aloha to this new drinking chocolate service in town! Aloha Drinking Chocolate deals only in this decadent beverage, serving us everything from classic Rich Hot Chocolate to new flavours that work immaculately with chocolate. We can't wait to try! They have Peppermint, Coffee, Cinnamon, Orange and Salted Caramel and these are all whipped up with real fruit, spice and coffee together with organic milk. Aloha also interestingly makes Cold Chocolate in the same flavours! Enquire with them through LBB to know more or place your orders through food delivery websites. 

Jindal Cocoa

Jindal Cocoa

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If you couldn't be bothered to wait for a hot chocolate delivery or travel for it, line the shelves of your cupboards with Jindal Cocoa's decadent Drinking Chocolate in Mocha or Cinnamon flavours. Not only does it come highly recommended, it's believed to be addictive! Even better news is that they have DIY Hot Chocolate Kits that come with the chocolate syrup, marshmallows, and a ceramic mug too! 

The Wandering Bean

We have raved enough about The Wandering Bean coffees, it's now time to shift focus to their stellar hot chocolates, again available in some crave-worthy flavours. We're talking Hazelnut, Spiced, Peppermint, Salted Caramel and more! Get one in every flavour we say and have a hot chocolate party!


If you're attempting the whole DIY at home thing and want to craft a recipe to call your own, make sure you also buy only the best quality chocolate and cocoa powder. We have everything stocked online on the LBB Shop including a vegan cocoa powder!