Bangalore's First Hotel For Dogs Is Here And You Need to Check In Your Pooch Right Away

    Sarjapur Road, Bangalore


    Going out of town and can’t take your doggo? Hotel For Dogs is here to help with climate controlled kennels, a 10,000 sq feet play area and even facilities to Skype with your pooch. 

    Comfort For You

    Hotel For Dogs in Sarjapur was started in Chennai by Shravan Krishnan and TA Adishwar after they found no suitable place to lodge their dog when they were going on vacation. Most other kennels were damp, dirty and small and the pets were left in very poor conditions. That’s how Hotel For Dogs was born and now it’s in Bangalore! The Hotel For Dogs in Sarjapur has big, climate controlled kennels so your pooch won’t be freezing or sweating it out. The kennels are also sound proofed and are surveilled round the clock by CCTV cameras. Trained staff is available throughout the day and night to make sure there is help for any untoward incident, along with a veterinarian available on call. Phew! No more worrying about your pup when you’re off on vacation, huh?

    Comfort For Your Dog

    So, yes, your dogs are comfortable and well taken care of, but will they have fun? One hundred percent. There’s a 10,000 sq.ft play area, a pet boutique and grooming parlour for all the doggie’s hygiene requirements and a specially designed swimming pool for them. You can also Skype with your dog, if you’re feeling a bit worried! Hey, is this really just for dogs? We might want to stay there too…

      Sarjapur Road, Bangalore