Diffuser, Candles Or Oils: This Brand Is Aroma Therapy At Its Best

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House Of Aroma

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Nothing like a lovely fragrance to shake you out of the monotony of life, or lure you into sweet slumber. And whichever way you need, House Of Aroma is here with a fragrance for you. If you thought all that was on offer was lavender, citrus and jasmine, then think again. There's apple, kiwi, mint, patchouli, peach and even fragrances that remind you of things...like Ocean, Alive (to make you really feel alive) and my current favourite, Believe which is a combination of balsam fir and frankincense oil that "encourages feelings of strength and faith". Apparently it assist you in being more aware, and the world could do with that! And these are just the fragrance oils! Options are plenty in the Essential Oil department too - from Rosemary, Ylang and Clary sage, Bergamate and Tea tree. Plus, of course, eucalyptus. You can also get natural smelling incense sticks, as well as reed diffusers to use the oils and fragrances with. These diffusers are made from rattan, which has tiny channels to enable to oils to run up the stick, and slowly diffuse into the air. 

Old school candles are always in trend, and make for great gifts. House of Aroma has these too. Using soy wax, these come in a nifty little jar, and each candle burns for about 60 hours, and lets out a subtle fragrance. The vanilla, rose and floral for me are a bit too typical, but the Ocean fragrance is just as the real ocean - mesmerising and refreshing. For something strong, cinnamon is delightful (and almost edible!). The candles in glasses come in different fragrances including cucumber, blueberry and Orange Casis. And the best part? You can get them on LBB in even more brilliant fragrances. Lavender & Rosemary, Ginger, Cinnamon And Nutmeg which is my favourite because it's literally Christmas in a candle, Peppermint & Frankincense that is minty and light and Geranium & Mandarin to light on the balcony and pretend you're in Bali!