Rice Is The New Black In This Organic Store In Indiranagar

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House of Harvest is proof that you don’t have to gulp a green smoothie every day to live a healthy lifestyle. 

What Makes It Awesome

House of Harvest in Indiranagar is an organic lifestyle store that houses all the buzzworthy superfoods that’ll have you rushing home to stock your cabinets with. Sure, avocado toast was the one to beat, but this store offers strong competition with your everyday organic milk and peanut butter, as well as more notable products like black rice and vacuum fried okra snacks. They sell a range of 100% natural and cold-pressed oils, herbal powders such as Moringa, Hibiscus, and Turmeric, apple cider vinegar for INR 105 and multi-flora honey at INR 350. 

House of Harvest sells organic vegetables that are farm fresh and free from pesticides and toxins so that you don’t have to worry about what goes into your meals. Their natural line of teas includes mint tea, hibiscus tea, and Assam masala chai. Their minimalist beige packaging makes everything look even more wholesome. Their selection of lotus seeds and vacuum fried veggies will have you munching on tasty and healthier alternatives. 


House of Harvest also sells gift hampers if you’re looking to gift someone a better lifestyle.