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Get a Glimpse of Malgudi in Real Life

Roshni posted on 17 October

Ten-second takeaway

A guided tour that packs in the history of Basvanagudi, popular tales of the area’s past and sneak peeks into houses that will remind you of the fictitious neighbourhood of Malgudi from the iconic television series.

Peek into Malgudi

If R.K Narayan’s Malgudi Days and its fictional town have always fascinated you, here’s something that you’re bound to love. Bengaluru by Foot {a group that helps you explore the city through walks} organises Houses of Malgudi: Part 1, a delightful walk through some of the oldest houses in Basvanagudi. What’s exciting is that this includes houses that are similar to the ones seen in the popular fiction-based TV serial of yore, Malgudi Days. Apart from getting exclusive peeks inside these places {thanks to the generous owners, we must say}, you also get to listen to stories about the area’s past and the history of the original builders of the houses.

Walk and talk

Snap back to the present, or future even, and discuss urban planning techniques or the construction of the old houses while also pondering about ways to preserve these structures. As a befitting end to this interesting walk, look forward to enjoying breakfast at a South Indian outlet which is itself a heritage home with fascinating stories of its own.

Where: VV Puram

When: Saturday, October 31 at 9:30am - 12:30pm


Price: INR 600 per person, with 50 per cent off for senior citizens, and children between 9-16 years

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Featured image via Bengaluru by Foot.