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How To Decorate Your 2 BHK To Maximise Space In 5 Steps

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When designing your home, no matter what size it is, the most important thing is to maximise the use of space. While a lot of people see that as a challenge, we thought of looking at it as an opportunity. Here are 5 easy and fail-proof steps in which you can decorate your 2 BHK apartment to maximise space. 

Opt For Less Bulky, Minimal Furniture


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Heavy furniture in a small space is definitely a no-no. Furniture with thick arms and legs, or with bold patterns, can make the room appear overcrowded. While you can’t possibly do without basic furniture in a 2 BHK, you only have to ensure it is sleek and low lying. Spin has all the Nordic sensibilities and minimalistic traits you are looking for in furniture. A little steep in pricing but Flhexible’s innovative range of flatpack, lightweight and elegant paper honeycomb furniture has convenience written all over it.

Use Mirrors Cleverly


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When you have less than 1000 sq ft of space in your 2BHK and want to make it stand out, the oldest trick in the book is to use mirrors to open up the space. Ideally placing a mirror closest to a light source will conjure a bigger space illusion. Hollyhock has some very interesting options in decorative wall mirrors. The brand also has geometric mirror figures you can use as wall hooks. Decor, storage and a reflective surface - all rolled in one. For more options in mirrors, check this out.

Camouflage Storage


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Storage solutions are always tricky in a small space. Especially for all the knick-knacks, accessories and other random stuff that keeps piling up at home. When an additional cabinet is not an option, you need to invest in versatile decor that also serves as storage. This is where hidden storage comes in that conceals things from plain sight. Like benches with storage that also double up as seats or a large storage basket with lid  from Kopou Homegrown that can be used as a side table too. Have floating shelves on the wall and stack up a few chic-looking baskets. It will keep the clutter hidden in style.

Think Vertical


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Vertical space is always a perfect opportunity. Whether you want to hang art or use it for storage, don’t let vertical space go to waste. The idea is to draw the eye up, making your 2 BHK feel more expansive than it actually is. Even a vertical planter in a narrow balcony or a nook in the living room will notch up the look of the space. Mohh has round mirrors that come attached with a hanging vertical storage rack - perfect for small bathrooms. Use full-length curtains to add height to the windows.

Make Rooms Within Rooms

Those awkward corners and unused spaces around your 2 BHK can be made functional with a little bit of creative thinking. Whether it's an alcove or the end of a corridor or the corner of your living room, transform these spaces that would otherwise be left as is into cosy nooks for reading, working, or chilling. Got some space near the large windows in your room? Place this charpoy bench from Sirohi By Skilled Samaritans near it, throw in a bunch of colourful and quirky cushions, place a tall plant near it and voila!