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This Aunt Tells You EXACTLY How To Do Up Your Kids Room In A Fun Way

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You may be chic and minimalist, but your kids room has to be fun, colourful and creative! That is the only way it works. Trust me. I moved out of my room for the babies, and I would do it all over again, just so I can redo the decor and furnishings. For the record, the kids love it, and I am now officially an expert on kids decor! So without much further ado, here is how to make your kids room fun and creative. 

Add Plenty Of Colour


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Nothing like pops of colour to make it known that it’s a kids room. Sure the white and pale blues look great on the walls, but throw in coloured cushions, curtains and bed covers to make it nice and bright. SWHF is a brand that has plenty of decor but check them out specifically for cushion covers and bed covers for the kids. This one with cars, boats and airplanes are great. As is this set of animal print cushion covers. Bandbox is another brand that makes funky cushion covers - from Batman and playing cards designs to ones that read Drama Queen and Game On (with Playstation controls printed no less! Prices start at INR 400 for all the brands. 

Make A Secret Space


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What kind of parent are you if you don’t let your child have a little secret spot where only they are allowed to go? Make it happen even in tiny spaces with easy-to-install stuff from CuddlyCoo. They have outdoor tents which can be set up in a garden if you have one. Alternatively, pick the canopy-style tents that can just be strung up on the ceiling, and drape down to the floor. They even have smaller teepee tents. Add in this reading cushion, which is my personal favourite - a comfy cushion with a slot to keep the book you’re currently reading in, and you're sorted.

Books & Toys,Please!

Door To Home

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Bookshelves maketh a room. Or so I believe. And if kids could do with more of something, it’s books. Get this lovely book shelf from Door To Home. If you like, add in a little reading lamp, as well as a colourful planter or two. But most importantly, stock it with a new set of books as often as possible! Toys are important too, to maybe throw in some of those, too! Check out our list of brands that do safe, non-toxic games and toys

Keep It Organised

My Gift Booth

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While we can go on about being organised, and how shelves need to be neat, and cupboards tidy, let’s admit it. The toughest part is the clothes strewn across the room. No matter what time of the day. Lure the kids to keeping their clothes in the closet or in a bin with these truly adorable options from My Gift Booth. From clouds and the sun in patchwork and unicorns with a fringe to pompom embellished and starry ones, these bins are roomy, lightweight and washable! So, no matter what the kids throw in there (hopefully not food), it can easily be washed. Prices start at INR 499. Read more here.

Remind Them Of The Good Times


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Through photographs, of course! Nothing like a well-frame photograph - IRL and figuratively! This pom pom detail string photo holder from Hollyhock is a top favourite. You could also check out Yatha for their colourful, wooden frames. Buy them as singles or in sets, but buy them you must. Prices start at INR 650. Read more here.

Switch Up The Lighting

We’ll leave you adults to figure out the basic lighting and we’ll take over for the fun stuff! Glimmer Lights is the ideal brand to shop from to add magic to the kids’ room. Be it cane string lights in different colours, thread ball strings, photo clip string lights or star lights, this brand will really elevate the rooms from cool to funky! For slightly older kids, you can even invest in curtain string lights, and be the coolest parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle! Read more here

All Of The Above

The Tickle Toe

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Decalcomania is in, and you might know it better as decal stickers. So, go ahead get those larger than life stickers to really bring out the magic in the kids’ room. The Tickle Toe will sort you out easily. This brand also has lovely carpets shaped like rabbits, cats and bears - which are in fact blanket mats so are comfy for the little ones to even nap on. Oh, they also have lamps shaped like animals. You can’t say no to a donkey or reindeer lamp, can you? Also add their multi-coloured rope baskets to cart for storage, and while you’re at it, the cat and hen tea light holders that double up as coin holders. Read more here.