Ten-Second Takeaway

From storing your beloved stilettos to your trinkets and vegetables to toys and books, Howards Storage World has enough solutions to please any storage junkie. Ikea, you can take your time to arrive in the city.

Don’t Mess With Me

Let me tell you the truth. I love storage solutions of all kinds, but if you expect me to divide my closet according to the colour scheme, neatly stack my shoes according to the size of the heel or style, or stash away stationery in different drawers, then I am the wrong person. I do love the idea of decluttering {at least in my head} though, and I am really fond of pretty looking storage solutions. Think bamboo baskets that multitask as storage boxes but can be used as seats too, or pretty bowls {with holes} where I can stash peeled garlic or even stackable jewellery organisers. Which is why when I landed up at Howards Storage World in Phoenix MarketCity, Whitefield, I was like a kid in candy land.

Things Organised Neatly

Christmas had indeed arrived early for me, because who doesn’t love themselves some organisation in life and when there are solutions galore on offer, I am not about to shy away. So let’s start with my favourites. As  you enter, your eyes will fixate on these beautiful Water Hyacinth baskets, in which you can stash everything from kitchen to beauty essentials or even your knicks and knacks. Straight out of a set of Nigella Lawson’s TV shows, these baskets {which can also be stacked in a cupboard} were my absolute favourites. We also spotted a bunch of cutesy toy storage boxes that also double up as adorable seats for the tiny tots and a section dedicated to bathroom stuff such as shower caddies, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and more. The shoe section is big here, and you can pick from shoe racks, wall-to-wall solutions and even ones that can be hung in a cupboard with compartments for your precious shoes. Ironing boards, cloth and bamboo laundry bags and boxes, stackable drawers to organise everything from spoons to knives and stationery to beauty, are other offerings.

Kitchen Confidential

howards storage world in whitefield for storage solutions

Source: Howards Storage World

But my absolute favourite is the section on kitchen gadgets, followed closely by the kitchen storage section. From egg and macaron timers to fancy oil dispensers and corn strippers and even tea bag holders, you might want to grab them all at the kitchen gadgets section. Rows of boxes in which you can store snacks, grains and other dry ingredients, spice boxes, pretty mason jars, and even lunch boxes {with covers}, there’s plenty to snap up.

Nothing is cheap here, let me tell you. But for the bigger picture of having a new, organised life {we are channelling Martha Stewart here}, who wouldn’t want to invest in these fancy-schmancy storage solutions. We are sold.

Where: Find a Howards near you here.

Price: INR 500 upwards