Learn Instruments And Get Into Treble At This Music School In Sarjapur


    Whether it’s western classical music you want to pick up, or to learn an instrument to play at gatherings or if you just want to rock a show covering legends like Guns N Roses and Metallica, Hum N Strum Music School is where you should be.

    What Makes It Awesome

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re an adult, teenager, or child because Hum N Strum Music School tailor makes classes to suit any age group whether you're at beginner or advanced level. Focusing on creativity, sensitivity and technical skills, they hone these in you through practice and performance opportunities. For those of you who want to woo bae with Paul McCartney and John Lennon numbers, this music academy will get you into treble. Using video demonstrations and audio clips, the good folks here will get your vocal skills ready in no time!

    As for those of you who want to pick up instruments, they host drums, keyboard, electric and acoustic guitar classes. Whether it’s Beethoven you’re fond of, or AC/DC’s lead guitarist you want to emulate, just commit 35 to 40 hours (a total of an hour per class) and become a musical expert in less than a year. We love that they encourage old school music like Sheryl Crow and Radiohead. With costs starting at INR 500 per class, sign up for one or two of their trial classes to decide which instrument you want to learn. Because without music, life would B-flat!


    If you’re looking for an exam-oriented approach and want certifications, they are affiliated with Rock School which is a leading name in contemporary arts across the globe. It is the only graded music awarding organisation to have high comprehensive accreditation.