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Deadlifts, CrossFit And Karate Punches: You'll Love These Swimming Pool Workouts


    Always wanted to do strength training, CrossFit and stamina building but it was too rough on you? Fear not, these HydroFit sessions will set you right.

    Water Babies, Ahoy!

    When you get a chance to workout with fitness mermaid Pooja Arora and Speedo is also part of the session, then you can’t miss it. So off we trotted to the lovely pool at JW Marriott for an aqua workout. And if you’re thinking that it’s easy, think again my friend. It’s not. The idea of aqua workouts isn’t to make it less strenuous or easy, it just uses the buoyancy of the water to reduce the pressure on your joints. You really work up as much of a sweat as you would outside the water, just that you’re unlikely to end up with an injury. See, water is bae! So go on, jump into your Speedos and get started.

    Warm It Up

    Under the hawkeye of boss lady Pooja, we kicked things off with a brisk water jog to get the body all warmed up. Then came some chest flyes to work on the core, arms and, of course, chest. Don’t be fooled by this one, it looks easy, but when you’re displacing all that water, it’s a serious workout. As promised, once we were all warmed up, out came the barbells, to add to the resistance and weight training. Light as a feather outside the water, once submerges, the barbells take on the weight of the water displaced. It’s actually like lifting weights, but without the strain. Most of the days this part of the session will also use kettlebells for some exercises, as the regime includes bicep curls, deadlifts and forward punches to really chisel the muscles.

    Work The Core

    While you’re working on the muscle groups individually, what makes these water workouts more effective is the fact that you need to balance and fight the buoyancy of the water. Once you get over the painful core and quads, then it’s hello strong legs and washboard abs. Well, not instantly, but in a few months of working hard! Before you cool down, Pooja likes to switch things up further with a final hit of plyometric exercises. From star jumps, split jumps and tuck jumps {the ones were you look exactly like a frog, and possibly not graceful, at all!}, you really will feel the core and legs engaging. Then it’s stretches and a pat on the back for you for making it to the finish line!

    When: Monday to Friday

    Where: 24/1, Vittal Mallya Road

    Price: INR 6,500 plus taxes month with locker usage and shower access, INR 12,000 plus taxes per month with added access to steam, sauna and Jacuzzi, or INR 1,200 plus taxes for a single class.

    Timings: 6.30am to 7.30am, 9am – 10am, 2.30pm to 3.30pm