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3 Gens Of Brewing Iconic Coffee - Devan's From Lodhi, Delhi Is On Shop On LBB!

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What Makes It Awesome

Coffee creates tight knit communities and living proof is this quiet little cafe and store in South Delhi that has been thriving since the early 60s. It's true! Nothing sparks a happier conversation in the hood like one that involves Devan's and its strong filter coffee. Over generations it has come to be a household name for coffee in a tea-drinking capital. So it's only fair that coffee like this is accessible to all, and good news is that it is! Devan's and their iconic coffees are now on Shop On LBB, available at the click of a button, anywhere in the country!

The variety of coffee is captivating. Not only can you score super strong filter coffee, you can also treat yourself to lesser-known blends like the Monsooned Malabar (mellow cup with notes of chocolate and nuts), Devan's Oriental Espresso (citrusy full-bodied arabica coffee great as a base for lattes, cappuccino, macchiato and mochas) or Viennese Blend (medium to strong with spice notes, perfect not too strong or not too mild coffee). If not anything else, you must try Devan's signature -- The Lodhi Blend, a cup of medium to strong, pure Indian Arabica coffee. It's like the best cappuccino you can whip up at home -- think sweet nutty taste and an aroma that will put you in a coffee trance.

Devan's also has Cold Brew Coffees available as bags that can make a litre of cold brew each. Best enjoyed with ice, a little milk and sugar -- these boast a smoother, more chocolatey and less acidic profile as compared to hot brews. 


Prices range between INR 250 to INR 400, super affordable for a cup (make that multiple cups) of great coffee, we think! Devan's also handpicks and manufactures teas from estates across the country (Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri). Green, Herbal and Flavoured options are available too.