Have You Been To Asia's Highest Arch Dam Yet?

    Roshni posted on 19 April

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    At 550 feet tall, Idukki Dam is simply gorgeous and one of Asia's highest dams! Plus, the water stored here is used to produce electricity for all of Kerala.

    What Makes It Awesome

    As one of the most densely forested mountainous regions of Kerala, Idukki is home to some spectacular natural wonders. Besides its famous national parks like Eravikulam (where the rare blue Neelakurinji flower blooms every 12 years) and Periyar (an elephant and tiger reserve), Idukki also has the highest arch dam in all of Asia, that generates electricity for most of Kerala. Hot dam!

    Spread across a height of 550 feet, the dam is built over the Periyar river and sits majestically between two mountains. Since the Idukki Dam entrance is closed for visitors, you will have to walk all the way from its neighbour, the Cheruthoni Dam. While it's located right next to the Idukki Dam, the walk is a decent 2 km stretch. It makes for a great morning walk, but if you reach there by noontime, we recommend going for the battery operated buggy rides (INR 50 per head) run by the Dam administration.

    Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures from Idukki Dam -- they'll make sure you store your phones and cameras inside lockers before you enter Cheruthoni (for security reasons). Shutterbugs, no need to panic! You can still head to the nearby Hill View Park and take great pictures for the 'Gram. Located just 2 km away, the park offers stunning views of both Cheruthoni and Idukki. Plus, it's a great place to have a picnic with the fam, go boating or simply enjoy the sunset. Adventure junkies can go trekking at the nearby Kalvari Mount.

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