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The Best Kind Of Selfie: Immortalise Yourself With These Super Cool 3D Clones

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    CloneMe is a 3D printing tech start up based in the city that will make a mini version of you with some sci-fi level technology. So, who wants to have an army of themselves? 

    Clone Away

    When the world can go gaga over selfies, so why not embrace the concept of 3D selfies, eh? That’s clearly what these guys at CloneMe think. Especially since they want these figurines to replace boring ol’ selfies. And the fun doesn’t end there. You can also get yourself cloned as fictional characters like Iron Man, Cinderella or even The Dark Knight. Since the company is happy to pander to your wild imagination, don’t hold back. Just unleash your creativity and get yourself ‘dolled’ up. 

    Oh, and what is even cuter is that you can get a clone of your pet too. Just perfect to remember these BFFs by, eternally.

    Cute To The T

    The process of you getting a figurine might take about 10 days, but apparently it’s well worth the wait as the attention to detail and long-lasting quality is high on CloneMe’s priority. You can either get yourself a clone of your favourite photograph by upload it on their website or get a scan done in the comfort your home- it’s all up to you.

    The prices range from around INR 3,000 all the way up to INR 40,000 so you can choose one as per your budget. Happy cloning, folks!


      Available Online