India's First Ready-To-Serve Canned Cocktails Are Here And We've The Deets

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What Makes It Awesome

Touted to be India's first ready-to-serve canned cocktails, In A Can is the first alcoholic product category from the Pune-based RM Beverages. Started during the first COVID-19 Lockdown of 2020 by Sameer Mirajkar, Viraj Sawant, and Varun Sudhakar, In A Can is a passion-driven product focused on giving good quality cocktails at an affordable price and with absolute convenience. The application for this product is immense it can reach out to customers and professionals to experience good quality cocktails at home and for picnics.

In A Can has natural flavours that cater to a varying palate -- cocktail enthusiasts to conventional connoisseurs. You have the Vodka Mule that's perfect for lazy afternoons and pool parties, the Rum Latte that marries our separate love for coffee and alcohol together, and a Whiskey Collings, which is In A Can's take on the classic Collins. It's mixed with apple and cinnamon. The classics Gin & Tonic (with the freshness of rosemary) and LIIT are also available in the can form.

Pro Tip

Make sure you consumed it straight from the can around 4 degrees or below, for the best experience. The cans are currently launched and available all across Goa and is priced at INR 140 per can.

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