Oils, Creams, And Sprays For Top To Toe Care From This Ayurvedic Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Skincare is now considered self-care. Which is why it’s a good thing that we have an all-natural, vegan friendly, chemical free brand such as Inatur to help us with our skin and hair woes, not just to detox but also enhance your skin! The brand has something for you no matter your age, gender, or skin and hair type. 

They’ve an impressive selection of essential (and cold pressed) oils that you may use as is for aromatherapy and relaxation purposes, or for including them in your skin and hair care routine. Bhrignanj and Bhrami (Ayurvedic staples) aside, they have pure, cold pressed Argan, Coconut and Castor oils (Curly Girls celebrate), bath oils with Germanium & Rose, and Vanilla & Sandal for those luxurious soak ins (and bath salts if you’d like to take it up a notch or two), almond, olive, and sesame oils for babies (though there’s nothing stopping adults from using this if you ask us), and even beard oil!

Speaking of Curly Girls, they also have CG approved shampoo and conditioners. Being truly top to toe in the range they offer, also check out their foot care range including cream, scrub and spray. Of course, if you’re just looking for standard bath and body care products, they have bathing bars (and shower gels if that’s how you do) made with activated charcoal, strawberry, and one in a papaya-coconut combo under INR 200! Once you’ve dealt with your skin in the shower, lock it all in with something from their shea butter range and forget about your skin problems.


Also check out their range of sulphate-free hair colours - henna, burgundy, brown, and indigo, and pair it with their henna blocks that is basically a combination of henna and hair friendly butters.