This Incense Store In Malleshwaram Will Be Your One-Stop-Shop For Perfumes & Fragrances

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Incense Kraft is a cute store in Malleshwaram that sells their own brand of agarbattis, soaps, detergents and bath and body care products that are fully handmade and organic.

What Makes It Awesome

Selling their own line of bath and body care products along with organic detergents and aragbattis, Incense Kraft is changing the game in the industry along with their scents and fragrances. Looking to be sustainable, their products do not contain any harmful chemicals and are totally eco-friendly. Breakaway from synthetic room fresheners and embrace local smells and artists in the country (so you can do good while smelling good). Their soaps are made from cucumber extracts, strawberry and cream and traditional essences like saffron and sandalwood, start your day smelling nice and fresh.

For those of you who like stronger perfumes, check out their attars which are essential oils used to roll against fabrics (a little dab on your attire is enough for the scent to last all day long!). Apart from detergents, incense sticks and soaps, they also have accessories like agarbatti holders and stands. Starting at INR 30, ditch your regular freshener sprays and embrace some homegrown agarbattis and dhoopams to cleanse the aura of your space!


If you're too lazy to travel to Malleshwaram, they have an online presence under the name of Koya’s Agarbathi. Hit them up to check costs for delivery.