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Curly Haired Girls Unite! This Community Shares Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Curls On Point

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What Makes It Awesome

With curly hair being largely ignored in mainstream media and the hair product lines in the country, it’s difficult to know how to take care of your Indian tresses. Any curly haired girl knows the struggles of maintaining those waves and ringlets, with limited access to the right products and hair care, managing your mane can be quite the challenge. No stranger to curl conflicts, Asha Barrak recognised the need to share her knowledge on how to maintain curly locks with the flocks of curly-furred sheep around.

With over 12,000 members, the Indian Curl Pride is saving our curls, one twist at a time. The Facebook community is all about swapping useful tips and tricks for curly or wavy hair, be it products reviews, grooming methods, home made hair care recipes or styling hacks. There's even a product list prepared that work like a charm on curly textured hair. From pineapple twists to keep your curls from tangling to hair diffusers to get those curls springing, and of course, the Curly Girl Method (cleanse, condition, style) there are plenty of useful tips and tricks exchanged here.

The community open to every curly haired Indian girl out there and it’s completely free. Plus, they even give you alerts when your favourite hair products are on sale. The idea is to create a platform where curly haired women can come to solve their hair woes.