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10 Indian Instagram Accounts to Follow If You LOVE Home Decor

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'Your home is a sanctuary'. The pandemic has given this quote a whole new meaning altogether. And has made us realize how important it is to create a feel-good space for ourselves while working from home. While each one of us has a unique style when it comes it sprucing up our spaces, we could all do with some inspiration from experts and skilled decor enthusiasts who do it right. 

Gone are the days when we'd flip through the pages of a decor magazine and take cutouts of designs that caught our fancy. Today's all about saving or screenshotting decor ideas off Instagram. So, here's a list of 10 Indian home decor influencers that you must follow if dolling up your house is your passion! 

Bhavna Bhatnagar - @anindiansummer

This Instagram account is a whole mood. Bhavna Bhatnagar runs @anindiansummer and makes home decor look dreamy, with a dash of her travel stories through India and abroad. Through her Instagram page and blog (that goes by the same name) she follows her passion for curating home styling tips for decor enthusiasts. An amalgamation of her personal style, she focuses heavily on contemporary design. But you will also spot some vintage and bohemian looks on her feed. Several of these settings are also reposts from other accounts, so this way you also get to discover other decor enthusiasts through her account!

Number of followers: 15k 

Tanvi Agarwal - @wanderinvogue

If you love all things hippie, boho, and colorful, following her might do you good. Home decor blogger and content creator, Tanvi's Instagram feed is full of either handmade decor or things sourced from Indian brands and artisans. Candle stands, flower vases, frames, fairy lights, and dreamcatchers dominate her decor paradise. You will find a lot of greens too. Want to create feel-good cozy corners? Then follow her to add a punch of colors (and warmth) to your abode. 

Number of followers: 43.8k 

P.S: You can also find and purchase some of her handmade/bought products on Amazon. 

Rukmini Ray Kadam - @trumatter

Rukmini Ray, a.k.a Trumatter, owns an award-winning home decor blog plus an Instagram account that we’re in awe of. Her decor style brings in homely comfort and looks cozy.  She provides hacks on how to beautify a minimal, white space using the right kind of furniture and decor pieces, to create an elegant corner. 

Number of followers: 33.3k 

Kruti Badiani - @myhomevibes

Decor stylist Kruti Badiani’s Instagram page is a great source of inspiration for anyone who is new to decorating and wants easy hacks to make their space look aesthetically pretty. From a quick guide to easy-to-care-for indoor plants to comprehensive tips on what colors to include in your space, her feed will have you sorted. She draws inspiration from the colors of nature, so expect soothing shades of blue, lots of greens, and earthy tones. She adds a bit of color play to white or pastel shaded walls, and uses monochromatic products for colorful walls. 

Number of followers: 163k 

P.S: You can also buy the products that she uses to decorate her home, on Amazon. 

Rashmi Chandra - @rashmi1169

Her home is a beautiful marriage between classic contemporary and a hint of traditional eclecticism. Inspired by havelis and old Rajasthani palaces, she adds a slice of the culture in her abode. You will see a feed that's dominated by tea lights, lamps, candle stands, and she sources cushions, rugs, and runners that add a warm and neutral tone in the rooms. Plants and artificial flowers are a common staple in her home as they help bring in some color and add a fresh vibe to any space. Sourced from local artisans, her style screams made in India and will inspire you to shop local too. 

Number of Followers: 67.3k 

Tara Lange - @j.o.y.h.o.m.e

Gypsy and Hippie - the only two words that describe Tara's humble abode in Finland. She had her best vacay in Goa and fell in love with its vibe. So she took Goa back with her to Finland. 'The décor must create joy' is one rule she abides by. And her Instagram feed is testimony to that. She has 140+ plants (or so her bio reads), yellow and turquoise walls, flowery wallpapers, and furniture that defines boho. Also, if vintage rugs and side drawers are your thing, then you'll get a whole of decor ideas from her. 

Number of Followers: 38.4k 

Raina - @theshalomhome

Raina's décor is mostly inspired by bohemian and eclectic themes, which is quiet evident in her styling too. A true forager - plants, flowers, stones, and natural elements largely inspire her work. Her decor is minimal, yet elegant, as she finds beauty in the ordinary. Rustic colors of leaves, fallen flowers on the streets, and textures of a distressed wall are her muse. Follow her for tips on curating blends of textures and patterns that add a lot of character to any space. 

Number of Followers: 25.9k 

Navneet Sandhu Singh - @designdecortravel

Architect and upcycling artist by profession, Navneet believes in curating sustainable decor and practices ethical sourcing. Her home is an upcycled heaven, and following her feed will inspire you to get into DIYing. Her sanctuary represents an array of upcycled items, blended with travel collectibles in an overall traditional tone. Her go-to colors are teal blue, beige, and brown, and she provides hacks to come up with budget-friendly yet creative ways of doing up your home. 

Number of Followers: 69.8k 

Mohicka Gupta - @cozyquirk

Warm and cosy tones dominate every nook and corner of Mohicka's home. An extension of her personality, travel sojourns and cultural experiences, her home decor ideas elements radiate positivity. She promotes locally sourced and custom-made pieces, that are usually sustainable and upcycled. Expect a lot of yellows, blues, and greens on the walls of her space, and her Instagram feed. 

Number of Followers: 35.2k 

Anuradha Kapoor - @anuraya_by_anuradhakapoor

Interior designer Anuradha's design philosophy is influenced deeply by colors, patterns, and textures. And her home is a representation of Indian heritage.  Arts and crafts form an intrinsic part of her space, and eclecticism is an omnipresent theme.  She makes handmade decor for her space and has also preserved her precious family heirlooms, as well as collectibles from her travels. Follow her feed for wall paintings and furnishing inspo! 

Number of Followers: 66k