Queer Qool: These LGBTQI+ Owned Businesses & Creators Are Making Rainbow Waves


    From crochet art and aesthetic notebooks to brilliant music and mesmerising pottery, these absolutely awesome LGBTQI+ owned businesses and creators  are making magic! Take note, here’s a great chance to support them during and after Pride Month!


    Shriya started her brand as a way to be able to support herself and so that she could have a way to make beautiful stuff for people. She deals mainly with commissions and takes orders for embroidery pieces, crochet pieces, cross stitch work, resin charms, and digital art. You can support her by ordering stuff from her store and checking out her ridiculously adorable Instagram page!



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    They started Control Plus P (CTRL+P) with a passion to create an ethical and sustainable business. CTRL+P is a lifestyle brand, which sells pride merch (beyond Kristy rainbows and flashy flags) sustainable products, cards, journals, notebooks and are working towards expanding our product portfolio. All designed and made ethically in India. You must shop their cool products.

    Yogam Pottery

    Yogam Pottery

    Yelahanka, Bangalore

    Balakrishna quit a well paying corporate job in Germany and moved back to India to pursue pottery as his full-time career. Yogam Pottery began in 2018 as a desire to celebrate passion and individuality. Their philosophy is to mould a life according to one's own terms, in the pursuit of beauty, tranquillity, and individuality.

    Balkrishna’s idea of opening up a big studio to accommodate more students and a thriving artist community centre has been put on hold owing to the pandemic. Despite multiple setbacks, he chooses to look at this situation in a positive light. He says: “difficult situations sometimes present us with new opportunities. I wouldn't have started online workshops and also my YouTube channel if it wasn't for the lockdown and the crazy times.”

    Yogam Pottery offers a variety of ceramic products. The brand’s design aesthetics vary from simple elegant functional ware to unique, individualistic intricate pieces inspired by traditional Indian art forms.  You can support them by taking a look at their social media and YouTube channel. The online shop on his website will be activated when they have new products available. So keep a lookout!


    Angelique Jacquet started playing the piano when she was 7, and started composing last year on a midi keyboard she’d bought just before lockdown. Her genres are instrumental piano and synthpop, and she likes her background as a pianist to come through her compositions. She has released 3 albums/EPs so far. You can support her by streaming and sharing her music, and interacting with her posts on social media.


    Sukkku describes her store as 'that magical store in Studio Ghibli where the protagonist transports you into another world'. What  started as a lockdown project to curate a capsule wardrobe for herself is now a booming small business venture.  In her drive to find her gently used clothes a second home and save them from ending up in a landfill, Sukku discovered her passion for slow fashion and creating unique jewellery. Cut to 6 months later and now we proudly host a small collection of handmade necklaces, earrings, stickers and trinket dishes. You can support the store by donating to their local animal charities: Sukku says her clothing drops are mainly a way to raise money for animal charities close to her heart. One could also join their very wholesome community of Strawbabies on Instagram.



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    Unino began Thriftdesu in February last year. She sells handmade jewellery, hand-painted pieces, preloved,thrifted and upcycled clothes. Based in Uttarkhand, the brand has quickly established a very loyal fanbase across the country. In one year, she has shipped all across India to very happy customers in cities like Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Delhi and many others! Thriftdesu is a brilliant combination of kawaii and sustainability, according to Unino! She is really glad that people are more receptive to thrifting and upcycling clothes now, she looks forward to reaching a larger audience with her sustainable fashion endeavour! She insists that you buy from her only if you need it! If you want to support her in other ways, you can always donate your clothes or share her stories!

    Angelo Vegan Cheese

    Aditya Angelo Fernandes is an artist and a vegan cheese maker. A dearth of art supplies during the lockdown in 2020 pushed this artist to channel creative efforts into food. With a lot of experimentation with local ingredients, India's first Vegan Mozzarella was created. Their current menu consists of Vegan Mozzarella and Vegan Parmesan. 

    Bouclé by Tania George

    With a degree in Post Graduation in Fashion & Apparel Design from Pearl Academy with multiple awards, Bouclé is Tania’s ready to wear brand specializing in refined and quirky wardrobe essentials. Founded in April 2018, Bouclé is aimed at the modern woman!


    Aravani Art Project

    Kodihalli, Bangalore

    Aravani Art Project’s Instagram bio reads: “The project a collective movement working to enable the Transgender Community through Visual art, social experiments and Magic.” And what a magical experience indeed! Their work started as an expression and experiment using Art and Friendship as social justice activism.  They say “We started re-claiming spaces as cis- women,Trans-women/men and the queer people to make a point.”  They say the biggest way to support them is to buy their art: Both digital and hand- painted canvases by their artists. Some other ways of support would be to commission them or even put them in touch with people/ philanthropists/ MNC's to sponsor painting large scale walls in public spaces. 


    Jay Anand is a singer, songwriter, acoustic guitarist, and educator currently based in Bengaluru, India. Having performed extensively as a solo artist in India and California, he currently performs internationally as an Acoustic Pop Rock artist. He likes to talk about human relationships and vulnerabilities through his cross-genre compositions showcased in his debut album Faces of Love.