Beat The Heat And Shop These Classic Indian Sharbats This Summer!

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What Makes It Awesome

You don't know true addiction until you've found yourself polishing off that second pack of khakhra, or like me, destroying every jar (or packet) of chatpata pickle there is! It's true, nothing hits home as much as the real Indian stuff does. So, snackerdoodles, we've found you one such local brand, that believe it or not, is bringing the finesse of gourmet cooking to traditional Indian snacks, drinks and condiments without, of course, compromising on what we love most, flavour.

Welcome Gulabs (with your arms wide open), a Chennai-based online food business that handcrafts all-vegetarian, khakhras, podi masalas, instant mixes, and sharbat syrups that you can totally treat your guests to this Holi season. We know they're good. Want to know how? It's because these are all delicacies from the grandmother's kitchen and who could ever possibly beat that?

Here's what we are ordering: the Tiny Ginger Garlic Khakhra , these are lethal so order for more because they'll be gone sooner than you realise (all khakhras are whole wheat too). We're enjoying these with a jar or their Lemon Pickle! Next, the Kesar Badam, Thandai, and Lemon Ginger Syrups are super versatile. Add them to milk, ice cream, cocktails, desserts, or even tea. They're all preservative-free with no artificial colouring. For Kitchen condiment essentials, load up on the Malgapodi and Sambar Powder and the Instant Upma (all you need is ghee and hot water). Everything you order comes in eco-friendly and travel-friendly packaging with a shelf life of 6 to 12 months from the date of manufacturing. 


They even have cocktail mixers if you're looking for something that doesn't taste synthetic like Mint (pudina), Rose, and a Mojito option too. And if you like Indian flavours they have kokum, nannari, saunf, and thandai too among others.