Starting This Friday, You Can Now Fly To Or From The Airport With India's First Heli-Taxi Service

Sreepathy posted on 22 February

In what seems like an answer to our collective prayers, you will be able to actually fly to or from the airport starting this Friday. Yes, finally no more of that hellish rush hour traffic that makes you wonder if you really want to go for that vacation. According to the latest report on The New Indian Express, the service is set to be launched on Friday, February 23 between Kempegowda International Airport and Electronics City {exact location yet to be announced}. Once the service flys off, Bangalore will officially become the first city in India to have a heli-taxi service {helicopter taxi, for the uninitiated}. With the average time during rush hour can ranging between three hours and several centuries, this heli-taxi service will cut-down the travel time to just about 15 minutes for a one-way trip. Currently, the prices are being discussed, but according to the same report, it’s about INR 3,500 for a one-way trip. It’s a little too expensive, yes, but hey, anything to avoid that hellish traffic, right? Honestly, that 15-minute travel time does make the ticket price look okay, given that it took us the same time to write this piece.

This story was first published in The New Indian Express. You can read the full story here.