Stay At The Country's First Private Wildlife Sanctuary, Right Here In Karnataka


    Spread over 300 acres of land, India’s first ever private wildlife sanctuary is home to more than 300 kinds of birds and endangered species of animals. And, it’s right here in Karnataka!

    Going Wild

    While Pamela Malhotra and her husband, Anil K Malhotra, were shocked at the level of pollution and deforestation when they visited India from the US {back in 1986}, they went ahead and decided to do their bit to change it. Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, they started off by buying 55 acres at the foothills of the Brahmagiri range {near Kodagu} and setting up the Save Animals Initiative {SAI} Sanctuary. Buying nearby land from farmers {who weren’t using it} over the past 25 years, the forest area now covers 300 acres and is probably the only private wildlife sanctuary in the country! And as of recently, you can even stay on the property and help out.

    Where The Wild Things Are

    Home to over 300 kinds of birds, the area shelters threatened species of animals, including elephants, tigers, leopards and the giant Malabar squirrel. Be it 700-year-old trees or tiny plants with medicinal value, the couple have taken care to keep the indigenous greenery intact. Also located within the grounds are two eco-friendly cottages for visitors who want a first-hand experience of the natural flora and fauna. This story first appeared in Read more here.