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6 Ways To Make Your Space Look Like An Indie-Film Living Room


    If you are wondering how to do up your space with indie decor, but have no clue about how to go about it, LBB has you covered. For starters, what is indie decor? It's basically vintage meets bohemian meets repurposed meets modern aesthetics - yes that's Indie decor! Indie is basically an acronym for independent, meaning let your space reflect your personality without the pressure of following decor trends. Characterised by funky patterns, muted colours, and upcycled touches, this style in fact combines your favourite trends in one killer arrangement. Trust me, it’s far simpler than it sounds, and with these elements, you can pull it off even in the smallest space and/or on a tight budget.

    Step 1: Get Muted Linen For Your Room


    Available on LBB

    Before you start going decor-crazy, you’ll need to pick a neutral colour to ground the room. White walls and muted colours in bed linen sets the tone just right for you to start filling it with colours and character. Saphed has bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow covers, table covers, runners, curtains and more - in gorgeous earthy colours. Check out Cazimo for striped solid colour bed sheets. Gray would be a good choice as it goes with everything, and lighter shades let more daring colours pop against it.

    Brands To Check Out: Saphed, Sashaa World, Kairu, and  Cazimo 

    Step 2: Get Posters & Memories For The Walls

    The Art People

    Available on LBB

    The stage is set, it’s time to tackle the bare walls now. If you like it then you better put a pin on it! That’s the mantra. No fancy frames or paintings are needed, just think of that wall as a pinboard for everything you care about. Be it pop culture, your fav family moment, a crazy selfie with bae or an artsy poster. The more unstructured and effortless this arrangement looks the better. The fun framed posters by The Art People would be a good place to start. Don’t miss checking out Poster Gully for their quirky pop culture posters.

    Brands To Check Out: Going DesiThe Art People and PosterGully 

    Step 3: Psychedelic Upholstery

    Kirti Finishings

    Available on LBB

    One of the popular features of Indie decor is psychedelic art. With white and grey as your base, use the curtains and rugs to add vibrancy to the room. Prefer a more hippie style? Try grassy greens or sunny oranges. If you would rather experiment with deeper shades, go for plums and maroons that will add to the dreamy style. Kirti Finishings have just the kind of drapes you are looking for. Colourful mandala print and psychedelic art on point. Check Bunko Junko for their upcycled multi-coloured dhurries and rugs.

    Brands To Check Out:  Kirti Finishings,  Reimagined and Bunko Junko 

    Step 4: Go For Pretty Lighting

    Nothing like pretty lighting to bring a space alive. You cannot picture an Indie bedroom decor without dreamy lighting. When it comes to adding pretty lights, there are quite a few options you can play around with. Glimmer Lightings has these 9-feet LED curtain string lights. These along with sheer drapes create a magical setting. You can also get photo clip string lights from the same brand. The warm light reflects on polaroids of warm memories. Happy place. We also love Samoolam for its handmade crochet string lights.

    Brands To Check Out: Glimmer Lightings and Samoolam

    Step 5: Decorate With Upcycled Decor


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    What really adds charm to Indie decor is when it’s peppered with repurposed and DIY decor. Like a Pringles can be turned into a pen stand or a planter made of an upcycled plastic bottle or a wine bottle transformed into a beautiful vase. If DIY isn’t your thing,  there are brands on LBB that will help you in that aspect. Their fabric patch lampshades and painted wine bottles are simply wow! Check out Scrapshala too, they upcycle everything from discarded wood, liquor bottles and scrap fabric to flat tyres and even cassette holders. 

    Brands To Check Out: Pretty Things India and Scrapshala

    Step 6: Don't Forget The Whimsy Details

    Add a dash of whimsy to awkward corners or empty spaces in your room. Dreamcatchers come in super handy in tackling wall nooks near your bedside. There are so many awesome options on Shop on LBB to choose from. This list here will help. You can even go for colourful wall plate sets. Rustic and aesthetically pleasing, these plates are made using cane and water hyacinth. We have some great options in macrame wall decor as well. You will love the Bohemian, artsy and fun vibe it brings to your space.

    Brands To Check Out: HollyhockThe Green Collective and The Craft Panda