Here Are Some Great Way To Engage Your Kid While Stuck At Home

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So you’re stuck at home with your kids (or cousins, nieces, nephews, neighbouring kids) for a while. How to keep them occupied you ask? We’ve got some ideas here. 

Keep Them Active

Most kids are an explosion of energy and enthusiasm that quickly changes to crankiness if left to run loose. Have them help out with all chores at home like watering plants (or succulents, whatever you have), stacking the dishes, and just assisting you with what you’re doing every day. It will keep them engaged and have them feel included. Plus they say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and if it happens long enough, you never know. Make it a game, and you’re set. 

Start Upcycling

All those plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, old clothes that you can’t quite let go of yet can be made into something beautiful. Whether you’re looking to make it into a nifty sling bag, pen holder, coaster, or planter, sit with them, give them some glue, glitter, and paint, and let theirs (and yours) imagination go wild!


Nothing like documenting memories, thoughts, and time spent bonding. Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve a tangible record of how you spent your time together. It’s also a great time to let their artistic, written, and documenting skills shine. Throw in doodles, personal notes, and painting, we promise, when they’re all grown up and happen to stumble upon it, it’ll bring up great memories!

Learn A Language

With plenty of online lessons to learn a new language (or Duolingo if you want it to be mobile), pick up a new language, or get familiar with your mother tongue with your little one. Y’all will have the “conversation” part of the exercise to practice with each other, and improve your language skills at the same time. Two birds, one stone

Create A Reading Corner

If your child loves reading, and wants a space that they can do exactly that, then make it an activity to create one at home. Just find a cozy nook at home (it can be the kid’s favourite spot) and let them tell you how they want to create a space for them to read, or chill. Add a couple of blankets, cushions, and a strategically placed light source and you’re good. Then find a table, desk, movable shelf, or even a couple of boxes to hold books, and you’ve made a day of creating a good spot. 

Try Out Easy Recipes

It’s never too early to start learning a new life skill, and cooking is surely one of them. Basic cooking like sandwiches (veggies, butter, bread, and maybe cheese), lemonade, and simple salad can be picked up. When it comes to the combination, the sky’s the limit. So if they’re feeling bored and hungry (and eating because they’re bored), this should set them up for self sufficiency at the very least!

Make Music

No we’re not talking about fancy guitars or keyboards, but you can jam with them with a simple beat. Think shakers made with bottles and seeds, different sized bowls for different notes, and boxes for bass. And feel free to make your own songs and sing it to your own tunes and beats. If nothing else, there’s karaoke versions of most songs online, and yes, Baby Shark is one of them too.