Koshy's Coasters, Airlines Postcards, And Leopold's Lampshades: Get Throwback Art At This Studio

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Ink Trails

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What Makes It Awesome

Ink Trails will sketch you the most iconic locations (and others on commission) of your favourite cities, and has merchandise of them too! For a piece of home immortalised in art, check out Ink Trails by Archana for her on-point illustrations and sketches of various landmarks and characteristic quirks of the place you call home. If you appreciate art on the things you use everyday, you’re in luck as the artwork is available on small home decor pieces and stationery as well. 

Initially started as a project to sketch travel and city based illustrations as art prints, but now merchandises as well with stationery, home decor, and travel souvenirs. Capturing the essence of Bangalore with her illustrations, find the State Library, Koshy’s, Airlines and other quintessential local spots. Postcards, Coasters (both can be bought in even number sets), fridge magnets and even lamps are some of the things with sketches of iconic places from the country among other things. Apart from locations focussing on the architecture, the work features our colourful lorries and trucks, train journey landscapes, local bakery arrangements and other images from our vast set of Indian aesthetics. 

Inktrails also takes up commissions and custom orders that take up to two weeks to be completed and delivered if you like. The cost of these depend on the art, mediums (whether you want it as a print, on a coaster, post card, or a combination of them all). You can order online.


Inktrails also takes up bulk and corporate orders for gifting, and does wall art too. Don't want to step out? Shop for their collection of artworks online, on their official website. Ink Trails ships across India,