Get One Step Closer To Flawless Korean Skin With Products From This Brand

    Malleswaram, Bangalore


    Reverse all the skin damage from getting to  Malleshwaram with products from Korean skincare and beauty brand Innisfree at their Mantri Square Mall store.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Beauty is more than skin deep and Innisfree will have you feeling beautiful inside out with their range of natural (and eco friendly!) products from the island of Jeju in Korea. Yes you read that right, Korean beauty products are in town (outside of Nykaa and Sephora) and you can reap the benefits of their face masks to the secrets in their serums, in not one but 2 locations in town (their Phoenix Marketcity store is to open soon).

    With their flagship store Mantri Square, their products apparently use mostly natural elements, like volcanic ash and lava seawater, and green tea and tangerine, to soften and strengthen.  your skin quality or tackle problematic areas, or just pamper yourself every now and then. Speaking of pampering, check out their range of face masks available as sheets, squeezables, or capsules (added to your moisturiser while applying, kept overnight,and washed off the next day), and even specifically for the nose, feet, and elbow areas! 

    Sensitive skin? Their range of makeup is worth a shot (though we’re not sure how many of our skin tones it would include), specifically their nail balms, tinted lip balms and light yet super effective finishing powder, if you’re not into the “dewy highlighter” look - basically their staples. They also have a range of makeup and body care tools that aren’t too commonly found (yet) at our usual cosmetic stores. 

    What Could Be Better

    It’s quite expensive to shop for body care and makeup if your skin isn’t sensitive, so we recommend sticking to their masks and specialty skin care products to add to your routine.

      Malleswaram, Bangalore