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These 8 Desserts Need To Be On Your Instagram Feed {And In Your Tummy} Right NOW!


    If you ask us, Bangalore’s food scene offers you enough and more photo ops to fill up your Instagram feed and make everyone else looking at your feed drool. This time around instead of pretty locations or colourful cocktails, we are looking at delightful-looking desserts that ought to be on your ‘Gram and by extension in your tummy. So without further ado, we present to you the raddest, the quirkiest, and the most colourful desserts in town. And yes, we’ve got you covered fam whether you are into cheesecakes, freak shakes, or just an overload of chocolate.

    The Sumatra Dark Chocolate Mousse At Sriracha


    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Now, when you’ve got a peanut tuile in the shape of the Petronas Towers and a dark chocolate mousse that almost looks like whipped cream, you know its calling for attention, right? Sriracha’s version of the mousse is a deconstructed one with a coconut cream base.

    The Yum Factor: We love the fact that even though it’s dark chocolate, the dessert has got only the teensiest of bitterness. Oh and that coconut cream base is to die for.


    Vietnamese Bánh Chuoi Nuong At Shizusan Shophouse & Bar

    It’s banana cake gone bananas with candied bananas, chocolate mousse, and sesame seed crumble. The folks at Shizusan tells us that this dessert can make for a perfect breakfast. One of these days we are skipping waffles for this surely.

    The Yum Factor: Candied bananas and chocolate mousse is enough reason to dig into this cake dessert.


    Bailey's Lollipop At Farzi Cafe

    Farzi Cafe

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    With a name like that you really don’t need description, but hey, we’ll still tell you what the dessert is about. Basically, it’s chocolate lollipop filled with a mixture of Bailey’s {yaass} and condensed milk. Served on a tree-like stand, it’s the perfect dessert to be shared.

    The Yum Factor: The fact that it’s got Bailey’s should be enough yum factor, right guys?


    The Matcha And Raspberry Ice Cream Meringue Cake At 1Q1 - Bar & Kitchen


    Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

    Matcha on a dessert? Well, seems like the folks at 1Q1 have found a way to combine the bitter flavour of matcha with fruity raspberry into an ice cream cake that surprisingly sits well on our palette. The dessert is finished off with praline hazelnuts, rice crips, and meringue rocks.

    The Yum Factor: The combination of raspberry and matcha is a winner with us. Oh, and that crunch element from the hazelnuts, rice crips, and meringue rocks make this otherwise soft dessert interesting.


    The Chocolate Chutzpah At Social

    Whitefield Social

    Whitefield, Bangalore

    If getting high on alcohol is not your plan on your visit at Social, then we suggest getting high on this sugary dessert. Featuring a rich chocolate cake that’s layered enough chocolate for a sugar inducing coma, the cake is finished off with Smarties, crackles, and a chocobar dunked into the centre of the cake.

    The Yum Factor: Chocolate overdose. Enough said.



    Raspberry Delice At Yauatcha


    Ulsoor, Bangalore

    It’s apparently the most Instagrammed dessert in the country and it’s all sorts of yummy. Shaped like a rose, this dessert features a raspberry and Manjari {a dark, dark chocolate made from single origin cacao beans from Madagascar} chocolate mousse with a lychee panna cotta centre. In short, you could say that this dessert is truly divine! It’s a bit tangy thanks to the raspberry, so be prepared for a dessert that isn’t all sweet!

    The Yum Factor: It’s the right amount of sweet and bitter, and is as tasty as it looks.


    Lemon Tart + Orange Mascarpone Cheese At Smoke House Deli

    Smoke House Deli

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    The name of the dessert is rather self-explanatory, but it’s the whole presentation that makes you look at this dessert and wonder how something so simple can look so gorgeous. Here, a lemon tart gets an upgrade with orange infused mascarpone cheese, give this rather citrusy dessert that cheesy feel.

    The Yum Factor: That orange infused mascarpone cheese is something that you would want more.

    Choco-Namelaka At Smoor


    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    This plated dessert was the winner of the category Best Dessert at the World On A Plate event that was judged by Adriano Zumbo and Janice Wong, both celebrity judges from MasterChef Australia. What’s in the dessert? Well, brace yourself because it starts with a 70 per cent dark chocolate Namelaka that gets pumped up with raspberry fluid gel and black tea cremeux. Finishing off the dessert are raspberry sponges, raspberry and rose jam, candied pink rose petals, and cocoa crumbs. Now, you see why this assortment of varied flavours won an award.

    The Yum Factor: The assortment of flavours of course and that slight overdose of raspberry.

    Think we missed out your favourite Instragrammable dessert? Do let us know in the comments.