Akshaya posted on 24th December

#LBBPicks: If You're Craving Some Insta-Art, Check Out Our List Of 15 Local Artists

Time and tide wait for none, but luckily we all have smartphones so you can pretty much do everything on-the-go in this day and age! At Team LBB, Instagram plays a large part of our days, giving us images of beautifully plated food, the latest fashion, places to hit up on our next vacation, and especially our daily dose of art! Since there’s so little time to be visiting actual galleries, it’s the next best thing and the easiest way to keep up with the coolest contemporary art. We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite Insta-artists  from Bangalore you should definitely be following if you want to get your daily art fix. And some of them sell their art too!

Osheen Siva

A little dark and fantastical, this artist’s pictures look like what we’d imagine Alice saw as she fell down the rabbit hole. She skilfully manages to capture raw emotions in her illustrations — you can almost hear the pictures groaning with frustration, anger and melancholy. Her art style is off-beat and creepy in all the right ways, and oftentimes seem quite personal — she’s her own favourite model, and we love it! Some of Osheen’s work is also available to purchase on Art&Found.

Follow Osheen on Instagram here.

Alicia Souza

I can only think 'Christmas' 🎄🙋

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Alicia Souza’s art stands for all things cute and funny, and we can’t help but smile every time her posts pop up on our Instagram feed. Her round little child-like characters aren’t just adorable, they come with well thought out speech blurbs and captions, capturing quirky moments we can all find ourselves relating to! This artist also sells her work online on her website!

Follow Alicia on Instagram here.

Maanvi Kapur

We’re loving the dreamy proportions and shades of pink and teal Maanvi Kapur uses in her portraits, and we think her work has a Fauvist-style feel to it. She so effortlessly captures the subtle emotion present in her subjects, and we love how she breaks up one giant illustration into several tiles to create a giant Instagram collage — scroll down her page to see what we mean!

Follow Maanvi on Instagram here.

Devika Sundar

Devika Sundar’s art finds its place in mixed media, creating a whimsical world filled with water colours, collage work and delicate detailing, giving them a playful, dream-like feel you won’t want to wake up from. There’s a story hidden in her work — you just need to piece the clues together.

Follow Devika on Instagram here.


Madhav Nair’s style is probably best described as weird and quite trippy; you might have to look twice to settle on what’s going on! We love his use of child-like colours, that contrast his illustrations — they sometimes look like they’re straight out of a nightmare you had a few weeks back and only vaguely remember.

Follow deadtheduck on Instagram here.


Sonali has done illustrations for children’s books, and one look at her art style makes it immediately obviously why! Her work captures childlike wonder and magic through her playful use of colour, proportion and attention to detail. We feel momentarily transported to another universe the further we scroll down her Instagram. And just like us, it’s obvious she loves cats!

Follow danger.cat on Instagram here.


Neethi’s illustrations are sometimes sweet and simple, and other times so thoughtfully detailed that we find ourselves astounded. Check out her work on the wonders of India — her depiction of the Taj Mahal brings back the magic and life India once had.

Follow Kneethee on Instagram here.


This artist’s style stays true to his Instagram handle: best described as art-on-acid, Gaurav Basu creates intricately drawn alternate universes, blending fantasy and sci-fi. He does a lot of album artwork so if you think you’ve seen his work before, you probably have. He also does photography, if you’re looking to ground yourself in reality for a while!

Follow acid_toad on Instagram here.


Kaveri Gopalakrishnan is an artist at UrbanComics.com, but we’re loving her Instagram for her lively and honest portrayal of women and their bodies. She also does hilarious comic strips— one even depicts a dream she had about Donald Trump that’s sure to elicit a few giggles. Her shading is vivid and gives depth to her illustrations.

Follow kaverigeewhiz on Instagram here.

Archana Sreenivasan

This Bangalore-based illustrator seems to primarily focus her art on nature — from fantastical landscapes to intricately drawn animals. She even has a few posts dedicated to retelling fairytales, because nothing sounds better than an Indian Rapunzel!

Follow Archana Sreenivasan on Instagram here.


Prateek Vatash should be your go-to for a spot of modern art. This graphics designer isn’t afraid to use colours, and while his images aren’t too complex in terms of drawn details, there’s still plenty to look at! You won’t be able to stop scrolling, believe us.

Follow vatash on Instagram here.

Studio Gumani

Pia Meenakshi who runs Studio Gumani finds her inspiration in the great outdoors — flowers, plants, animals, she’s the quintessential Bangalorean when it comes to her art. She art brings a bit of magic to our Instagram page with its soft colours and heartfelt detailing, as well as the occasional photograph interspersing her illustrations. And if you like what you see, check out Studio Gumani’s website to purchase a piece!

Follow Studio Gumani on Instagram here.

Ketki Jadhav

Ketki Jadhav is clearly a fan of pastel colours, and her style varies from plump Pixar-style characters and animations to fun illustrations depicting all sorts of random scenarios. While this is also her personal account and you’ll find plenty of her own pictures, her most recently stuff is predominantly her artwork.

Follow Ketki Jadhav on Instagram here.


From silly caricatures of sari-clad aunties to detailed ink sketches of scenes from Game Of Thrones, Somesh Kumar sure knows how to change it up. His over-exaggerated features help capture the personalities of his subjects, and we just can’t look away!

Follow Somesh on Instagram here.


Shikha Nambia’s artwork takes us back to simpler times with its minimalistic style and delicate detailing depicting everything from everyday scenes to quirky characters. If you’ve ever been to Thulp you might recognise some of her work on the walls. If there’s something in particular that you like, send her a message and you can purchase her work!

Follow chicabeingme on Instagram here.