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For Your Daily Workout Inspo, Follow These Hardcore Fitness Peeps On Instagram NOW


    It’s 2018 and if you are really thinking this is going to be the year that you finally work on your fitness, then we are #TeamYOU! To help you get motivated, we turned all our intense scrolling through on our Instagram feed into something productive. We have scoured through multiple handles and picked out the most motivating ones, for your fill of daily fitness inspiration. From yoga to CrossFit, these Instagram handles are going to give you all the motivation you need to get and stay in shape in 2018.

    ShweShetty @shweshetty

    The co-founder of The Tribe Fitness Club and Fitness Expert at Cult, Shwetambari Shetty’s Insta feed is all about Zumba {she’s a master trainer}, her workout regime, classes she conducts at Cult, and everything in between. She’s big on Zumba and chances are that you might want to sign up for Zumba after checking out her feed because she makes it look super fun! If you keep scrolling through, you will come across multiple videos of her Zumba classes along with videos of her doing deadlifting, burpees, pulls ups, and basically everything that you will dread doing the first time. Even her collection of gym wear should serve as enough motivation for you to start your fitness regime. What we love is that she even posts snaps of when she is tired, but pushes herself. So no fake stuff here.

    You can follow her handle here.

    Swetha Devaraj @sweatyswetha

    A vascular radiologist by profession, Swetha Devaraj is a CrossFit lover and trainer, a marathoner and an obstacle course runner {she won the Devils Circuit held in Hyderabad last year}. Scroll through her feed and you will come across quick video tutorials on warm-ups, strength training, and high-intensity interval training, along with her regular workout regime at the National Corps Fitness centre where she’s a coach and a trainer. She’s on some beast level, so don’t be upset if you can’t do all that she does. Don’t even try. Just watch be amazed, and for every 100 burpees she does, you do one! If you really put your stalking skills to good use {like we did}, you will find quite a lot of posts on her marathon days too. All in all, serious #FitnessGoals coming your way once you start following her.

    You can follow her handle here.

    Devrath Vijay

    For all you boys looking to work on your abs, stamina and strength, look no further than Devrath Vijay’s handle. A Strength and Conditioning Coach and a certified IFAA {Indian Field Archery Association} Master Trainer, Devrath’s handle will give you serious goals when it comes to building those rock hard abs. He’s also a co-founder of The OutFit gym, so you are going to see a lot of his workouts such as jumping lunches, kettle bell snatches, and split jump switches. There’s a lot of functional training posts that you will come across too, so if you are looking at trying your hand at that, you have somewhere to begin.

    You can follow his handle here.

    #LBBTip: Together with Swetha Devaraj, Devrath also has a common handle called Sweaty Ninjas, where they document the most rigorous yet super fun workouts. So tag a pal and get your workout sorted.