The Future Is Here! Buy Robots To Help Clean Your Homes

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Your dream of buying a Roomba can come true now that we have two stores in town selling them -- one at Phoenix MarketCity and the other at Queens Road. 

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What Makes It Awesome

Roombas are here! Much like dust that we didn't know we had, iRobot has quietly opened a SECOND store in Phoenix Marketcity (after Queens Road's Pure Sight Systems) right under our noses! The cute cleaning robots do their job in house with no supervision while you go about your day. These mobile vacuum cleaners are definitely not like the kind from the Will Smith movie will putter around the house quietly sucking up all the dirt as constantly as you need it to. 

Depending on the model, you can schedule cleaning and the spots that you need cleaned, and the Roomba will (Eventually) figure out a cleaning pattern based on its sensors. How can you schedule it? Download the iRobot Home app that will be connected to the cleaning device to help you keep track of its progress no matter where you are. To get it started, all you have to do is press “clean” and it’ll quietly get to work. The best part? They’re self charging (every two hours). Once it’s done it’ll pick up where it stopped.

IRobot also sells Braava for sweeping and mopping (wet and dry, and can be used to clean carpets as well). If you’re not willing to go all the way to pick one up (though we think it’s worth it, just to see one of these little guys in action before you get one), you can order it on their website. 


Some of their models are Alexa enabled, so if you’re a Smart Home enthusiast, this one’s for you.