Flowers Growing Out Of Frames And Squirrels On Branches - This Art Decor Brand Pushes Boundaries

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What Makes It Awesome

Isaaka makes 3D art decor blending photography with real life, as well as adorable garden decor with playful animals. Looking to beautify your home with art that adds character without overdoing the, er, “uniqueness”? Isaaka should set you up with something that’s quirky enough to start a conversation, but not weird enough to be made fun of. 

Starting off as a home decor brand, Isaaka moved on to provide art, and garden decor that’s understated and different. The three-dimensional art decor is the first of its kind in the world they say. When we say 3D, we mean that the art isn’t confined to its 8” x 10” frame. Every collection that they conceptualise is meant to connect with people, be it travelling, nostalgia, love for coffee and tea, photography, or nature. Flowers that bloom upward and out of the frame, bikes that extend out of the frames, and old school phones that look like they could ring any moment. These are priced between INR 4,200 and 9,900. 

Garden decor made of polyresin usually involves squirrels, bunnies, and gnomes stuck in moments of play, sport, or just ‘hanging’ out. Weather and shatter proof (if broken superglue can fix it) they range from one and a half to three feet tall and are priced between INR 1,900 and 3,500. So the next house warming or home decoration project you take on, you know what to get. They also have dinnerware such as cutlery, side plates, dinner plates and platters in pastel shades with marble finish as well as wooden serving platters that you could use for your next dinner party. You can buy their products from their website and they'll deliver it at your doorstep.