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It’s Raining Gourmet Burgers in Bengaluru

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It’s been raining gourmet burgers in Bengaluru. After a series of recommendations from foodie friends, I made a choice to try out the most trending homemade burger in Bengaluru, PHAT Burgers.

Ordered a Clucky Cheese Burger, priced at ₹300, and got it delivered seamlessly through the WeFast app.

The lonely burger came neatly wrapped in a foil and butter paper wrap, with sachets of tomato sauce, mustard, and mayonnaise.

The home chef Vandana has beautifully constructed this delicious Chicken burger, with everything from the burger buns to the patty carefully homemade with love.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mild sweetness in the bun, cut through beautifully by the pickled jalapeños, and mustard. The grilled chicken patty was chunky and came perfectly with a crown of melted cheese. I am still very curious about how the patty was made with minced meat, (if at all) with the perfectly pink grains in the middle, very beautiful much like the Mc Nuggets. The added freshness of the burger came from tart tomatoes and sharp onions. Though the lettuce had wilted, and the burger bun compressed, but the PHAT patty made it all up for a superb homemade gourmet burger that I thoroughly devoured and I highly recommend