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Say Moshi Moshi To The 13th Edition Of The Japan Habba 2017

Ritika posted on 08 February

What Is It?

Japan Habba Bangalore is an Indo-Japanese Cultural Festival that celebrates everything we love about Japanese and Indian culture. Started in 2005 as an annual event, this year will be the 13th edition of the fun inter-cultural exchange. They have some cool performances lined up like a live sinobue flute act by Yasukazu Kano, a taiko drums player — Ryutaro Kaneko and pop singer — Shiho Rainbow! The coolest thing you’ll see at this fest is Japanese nationals singing Kannada songs and dancing to Bollywood numbers and namma Bangaloreans performing theatre in Japanese. We’re looking forward to trying on a Yukata {a summer kimono} and getting some cute selfies out of it!

Who Is It For?

We all know someone who has obsessed over Manga and Anime or Japanese TV shows, so tag along with them and find out what the big deal is {because it is a big deal!}

Why Should I Go For It?

This is a great opportunity to discover the culture of one of the most advanced countries in the world. Just like India, Japan takes great pride in its culture and tradition and, now, you can too. Take part in their traditional tea ceremony, try your hand at Japanese calligraphy and play traditional Indian and Japanese games. There’s also going to be displays of origami, kirgami and ikebana. Plus, the theme this year is Maneki Neko {remember those cute little waving Japanese cats} which means “May Luck Favour All” and who doesn’t need some good luck?

When: Sunday, February 12

Where: St. Joseph’s College, Langford Road

Find the event on Facebook here.