Can't Afford Tickets To Japan? Just Head To This Eatery Off Residency Road

    Great For


    Japan Travel Cafe Azuki is a gateway to Japan in Bangalore. No really, food, language classes and cultural exchanges, they're involved in it all!

    What Makes It Awesome

    We've all got a Japan obsessed friend, and why wouldn't they be? Great culture, art, tech, and food, there's very little not to like. Japan Travel Cafe Azuki off Residency Road is perfect for such people and then some. 

    Small, cute, and very homely, the place also serves as an informal cultural centre. You'll be greeted by dolls in traditional Japanese clothing and can seat yourself at one of the tables, or the couch (if you're waiting). While waiting for your order, enjoy the posters, art, and casually hanging Kimonos (you can try them on for a photo op if you like). Try their matcha milk if you like the green tea derivative, or just stick to their iced coffee to start. It's a haven for non-vegetarians, but vegetarians, they do have options for you and are happy to accommodate. We tried the Omrice (Chicken Rice enveloped in an omelette) and Kakiage Donburi Rice Bowl (tempura vegetable cakes and mushrooms soaked in soy sauce). We’ll warn you that there’s barely any spice, but great flavour otherwise. And yes, chopsticks too. No complaints from the writer. 

    For dessert, we tried the Mitarashi Dango, and the Mochi set (try Ankoro Mochi). Neither of them were overly sweet, but the textures take some getting used to for the Indian palette. Our favourite was the Mochi. The roasted soya bean flour went really well with the jaggery syrup. 


    You can learn Japanese there, and if you're travelling to Japan, Travel Cafe Azuki also sells local train travel passes.