A WW II Jeep, Wheel Rim Tables And Loaded Nachos: Jayanagar's New Rooftop Cafe Is A Winner

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Bangaloreans, say hello to Jayanagar’s Willys Top Cafe, the city’s first cafe themed after a jeep, and a Willys Jeep no less. Apart from a cool rooftop, expect fast food on the menu, and many Insta-spots.

Trucking About

Imagine a rooftop space that’s done up in military green paint, dotted with greens. It’s cool, but it’s not as cool as if we told you that there’s an actual Willys Jeep there too, right? Now throw in impressive seating that has been built out of real jeep parts {complete with tires too}, and you will see why we’re going gaga about this new place’s decor. You will see a large mural of the eponymous jeep that we think is a perfect selfie spot, in addition to the rest of the cafe that is also rather Instagrammable.

One recurring theme apart from the obvious is that the furniture is all made with up-cycled junk. For instance, you will see that the tables for two are made from nuts, bolts, gears, chains, and other motor gear. Oh, and the stools are made from wheel rims. Cool, eh? Don’t worry, the stools have plush cushions so that your bottom doesn’t hurt. There’s even community seating and swing seats all made out of up-cycled metal at the centre — perfect to chill with the squad.

Meals On Wheels

It’s the decor and chilled out ambience that we really like, but nonetheless, the cafe does serve up some interesting options. If you are a fan of falafels, do try the Beets & Cheese Falafel. Loaded Nachos is a safe choice while Wok Fish is for anyone who likes Asian, seafood, and spice. Love wings? Go for the Pan Fried Buffalo Wings. Hate getting your hands dirty? Then try the Paneer Skewers instead. Soups, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, pizzas and tortilla wraps complete the menu.