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    Jeweller’s Street: A Metal Haven Just Off Commercial Street

    Navya posted on 05 May

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    On one of the bylanes of Commercial Street, an entire row of shops is dedicated to selling and polishing silver and gold jewellery of every kind and for every occasion. You can also shop for gemstones. Plus, get your nose or belly pierced.

    Strike Gold

    Wedged between Labay Masjid and Narayana Pillai Street, Jeweller’s Street {it’s located on the first left after McDonald’s if you are coming through Shivajinagar} is a narrow lane with closely crowded shops on both sides. When you amble in, you’ll see a mix of age-old establishments with heavy wooden doors and peeling paint sitting comfortably next to newer showrooms with glass entranceways and window displays.

    Silver Jewellery shops you’ll find by the dozen at Jeweller’s Street {FYI it starts off at Commercial Street and goes beyond Ibrahim Street}. Many stock a mix of heavy, traditional pieces and contemporary designs. You’ll find delicate earrings {sometimes inlaid with semi-precious stones}, pendants, and bracelets that are perfect for everyday everywhere. Statement pieces, that go perfectly with a formal dress or even a saree, can also be found easily.

    Bespoke Designs

    A few shops specialise in gold jewellery as well. You can pick from their catalogue or if you have a particular design in mind, you can ask them to custom-make it for you. However, we recommend that you double check the purity of the gold before your sign off on the cheque since many shops tend to add alloys to cut costs.

    Looking to the appease the gods? Establishments like SLN Jewellers have decades of experience in making artefacts like idols, silver thrones, crowns, clogs and ornate temple arches. These can be made in silver, gold or copper.

    Set In Stone

    If you have an eye for precious stones, you can mine Jeweller’s Street. Stores like A Basha Ruby Works not just help you buy the best stone but are also in the business of cutting and polishing the gemstones as well. Here, you can pick up everything from sparkling rubies and diamonds to the rarer aquamarines and sapphires.

    In front of many shops, you’ll find polishers sitting behind their workstations. Bring along your old jewellery for a spruce up. You can sit around and watch as the polishers bring back the shine and sparkle to your pieces in no time.

    Where: Off Commercial Street

    Price: INR 100 onwards

    When: 11am onwards

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    Jewellers Street

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    locationShivaji Nagar

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      Jewellers Street

      locationShivaji Nagar