Hidden Inside A Chikmagalur Forest, These Falls Are So White They Look Like Buttermilk

Jhari Waterfall


Jhari Falls In Chikmagalur is a slice of green haven that city slickers can escape to on weekends. There's a pool for you to take a dip in and the views are Instagram feed goals.  

What Makes It Awesome

In your quest to find the best waterfalls near Bangalore, there's one hidden inside the jungles of Chikmagalur that you must visit. It goes by the name Jhari Falls, but it's popularly known as Buttermilk Falls. And that's because the cascading water that gushes down from the mountains (Baba Budangiri is about 15-odd kilometres from here) is so white. It's a slice of hidden beauty when the falls are in full glory (during monsoons) with the surrounding panorama of greens. 

The pool underneath can be used for skinny dipping (use your full discretion), but we'd rather recommend dipping your feet in and soaking in all that fresh air for a while. Since the falls are inside a forest and coffee plantation, you can either trek up the entire stretch or request for a jeep at the beginning from the coffee estate to drop you. Post your picnic by the waterfalls, you could head to Kemmangundi to catch the sunset.  

What Could Be Better

Since there are no dustbins and amenities around, be sure to carry all wrappers and plastic bottles back with you. 


If you are planning to spend the weekend in Chikmagalur, we recommend you to check out Hebbe Falls in Kemmangundi too. 

Jhari Waterfall