Vegan Mac & Cheese To Hempseed Laddus: This Plant-Based Café Delivers Delicious!

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What Makes It Awesome

Essentially an eatery that does a fun twist on healthy food by fusing cuisines and textures, JustBe Café has stayed a place to relax, unwind and just be! Built in a 90-year-old heritage building (previously the Outreach Library), this cafe located in the residential Sadashiv Nagar has recently revamped its interiors and menu to service its patrons with whole foods, plant based fare. By the taste of it we think the food will appeal to any one who enjoys, well good food, not just the vegetarians or vegans.

There's starters, Superfood Bowls, to Mindful Munchies and Nostalgic Mains to fill you up. We love the Home Style Curries and Stews (for when you miss ghar ka khanna) -- especially, Dead Sea, a Portuguese stew, rich, almost meaty in its flavours and textures. Don’t forget to try their Sweet Potato Gnocchi (sweet potato dumplings with horsegram and edamame ragu) and the creamy Vegan Mac & Cheese (vegetable cheese sauce)! Dessert is a decadent yet guiltless affair, thanks to the Hempseed Laddus and a delicious Sweet Potato Brownie. It is worthy to note that everything is made in-house and is devoid of dairy, refined sugars and flour (not one processed nasty).

The facade is pretty, with a little garden space, but it's the interiors that evokes different moods. Divided into experiential zones (Living Room, Dining Room, Verandah, Courtyard, Den and Studio), the idea is to remind you of the comfort of home. Some of the areas have old-school bookshelves and few games — Ludo and Jenga, among others, to keep you engaged and offline too! Once here, don’t rush; we found it rather relaxing to cut off from the noise of the city. We particularly liked that this cafe doesn’t keep reminding you that they’re a health place. It comes very naturally and organically into the food, and the space in general. 


INR 1,000 for two, for a meal with top notch ingredients in a great setting is worth it! We also suggest you try the heavenly Almond Cold Coffee and fresh Cold Pressed Juice Of The Day.

JustBe also prides itself in being a wellness studio that offers a first-of-its-kind Sound Healing Therapy in the city. To experience this truly calming session like we did, book an appointment with the Café and head to their healing studio on the first floor.