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Callback To Simple Pleasures With A Touch Of Quirk From This Designer Label

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    What Makes It Awesome

    A young, fresh, vibrant label for the urban woman, K Kristina offers fun, yet comfortable designer wear. Founded and run by Karishma Kristina Singh, K. Kristina’s design aesthetic is cool and classy, and ever so slightly kitschy. Best described as minimalist chic (or inspired), the label caters to a small clientele and likes to keep it that way to maintain quality and exclusivity. The theme-based collections are time-bound, and once the season passes, you're hard pressed to find it again. Tops, capes, blouses and dresses, you will find them all. 

    Prints like balloons, butterflies and popsicles, coupled with cool pastels and sober tones, make for beautiful garments. What we're really loving is how much the designs play with texture, fit, and prints. Some of their structured jackets and crop tops are truly inspired, while still being light and versatile. Fabrics used include silks, cottons, modals, and linens among others.The devil, as usual, is in the details we're told. And that's what makes the clothing so unique. 

    Everything is available on the label's website and the best part is your piece can be stitched on request. Say you want a different print on a top with the same cut and flow, it will be done! Specific requests with respect to the available fabrics, prints and colours, will be accommodated too. We even spotted a coupe of white wedding gowns on their social media, so you know they're open to pretty much anything! And they ship worldwide. 


    They also have a limited accessories section with cute bow ties and face masks made with the material featured in the clothing line. 

    With inputs from Surya HK

      Available Online