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Looking For Unique Clay Decor? Check Out Kaaka Pottery

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What Makes It Awesome

There are very few mediums that have as much heart and soul as clay. Nonchalant yet demanding appreciation, it's an outlet that has given the world of home decor a new aesthetic and expression! Doing these words of praise justice is Potter and Product Designer, Besty's range of clay products that slay!

A true believer of hand building, this Keralan artist prefers making centerpieces for your home, walls and dinner tables from the ground up through her brand, Kaaka Pottery. Although the symmetrical potter's wheel does come into play on occasion, most of the pieces here are abstract; built on a whim yet set in concrete love, if you will. 

Imperfections are fully celebrated at Kaaka Pottery too, so much that Betsy has a whole Mishap Series that culminates into beautiful wall installations and light tableware. To us, the top drawer products are the unglazed Handbuilt Bowl (fully looks like something Moana would eat from), Rustic Ceramic Wall Tiles, Moon Planter (think of your selenophile friends) and the Flower Bowls, that were a custom order but we're sure will find way into Kaaka's permanent set of products.

Betsy is also a master miniature artist. So anything you see in regular size can be turned into miniatures with the same level of detailing. Think whole dinner sets - mugs, jugs, bowls, teapots plus graters, skillet, chopping boards. Too cute! Colours throughout remain earthy and subtle in Kaaka's range unless requested otherwise.


Prices for miniatures range between INR 350 to INR 950 while the regular range of planters, tableware, and home accents fall between INR 450 to INR 4,000. Customisations are fully welcome. Hit visit site to place orders today!