When You Want Rolls, Kebabs And A Trip To The 90s, Hit Up Kebab Corner

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One of Bangalore’s most well-known take-away eateries has grown from a little kiosk to a multi-storeyed restaurant. But its core is still kebabs, rolls and grab-and-go.

What Is It?

Possibly the most iconic roll joint {no, not what you’re thinking}, in Bangalore, Kebab Korner has been around for a long, long while, and though quality may have dipped, loyalty for it sure has not. From the usual tikkas, both vegetarian and meat, to rolls — regular or jumbo, they’ve even added on that greasy, comforting Indian Chinese to the menu. That said, their quality has fallen a bit. Their rolls are not always flawless, but I’d mark their record of good food as 8/10, which is a winner in my eyes.

Who Is It For?

Crowded all day long, but more so post sunset, head here if you’re in charge of bringing food for an impromptu party or have to feed a bunch of slightly tipsy friends after a night out.

What Is The Ambience Like?

Essentially Kebab Korner is a takeaway place. There’s a kitchen on the street level, and a billing counter you can access from your car practically! Service staff will actually come to your window to take order and payment. But if you’re looking to sit down and enjoy a meal here, head to the upstairs floors. Simple tables and chairs will welcome you, and it’s not quite the restaurant you’d take someone if you’re aiming to impress. This is more like that place you go to because the food is good and nothing else matters!

Must Eat

Sheekh kebab, chicken tikka rolls, paneer tikka and biryani

More About The Experience

Fuss free atmosphere and food is what you’ll get here. I do find it a bit overcrowded at times, which means service can get a tad slow. For the most part though, it’s still the first place that comes to mind when you want comforting North Indian and Mughlai food. Oh, also don’t expect it to be cheap. It’s not! You’ve got to pay a price for the iconic name and location, y’all!