Ten-Second Takeaway

Operating out of a clunky old vehicle on Tannery Road, Anees Kabab Centre serves up grilled and fried meats that are lip-smackingly delicious.

The Food Truck before all Food Trucks

For over 20 years now, a dedicated spot opposite Clarence High School, on Tannery Road, attracts crowds of people every evening. From afar, you  can see an old opened out mini-truck, a few grills by the roadside, a busy stove and a good number of bikes and cars parked all around. Get closer and you’ll hear the sizzle of the spice-coated pieces of meat slow-cooking in pans, you’ll smell the roasting meats, and you’ll witness patrons placing their orders and waiting around for their turn.

A Meat Fest

We got the Phall first. Thin slivers of beef coated with a few spices, stone grilled till all the fat melts away. The meat is cooked through and through, and the heat of that peppery rub compliments it to the ‘T’. We also try the Masala Kababs. Small bits of beef slathered generously with a chilli-infused spice paste. Although some of the meat bits where chewy, we recommend that you pack this one for home and enjoy it best with your favourite tipple. The sheekh kebabs also prove to be worthy accompaniments. They are delicately spiced and the smokey flavour comes through nicely.

There’s also Paya Soup and Veal Kebabs on their menu, and we’ll be back to try it out soon. Anees’ is perfect for an evening when you are in the mood for a spice-filled meat fest that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket {no taxes or Swachh Bharat cess here}.

Where: Tannery Road, Opposite Clarence School

Price: INR 100 for two

Timings6pm – 11pm, Sunday holiday

Featured image by: Devika Raman