There is a good reason why Kammanahalli is also known as Kamanahattan {the crazy number of eateries  representing cuisine from different parts of the world make this a fitting monicker}. This sleepy neighbourhood in the north-east of Bangalore woke up with the Information Technology boom over fifteen years ago and since then has become the epicentre for people from around the globe that have moved there and brought with them their cuisine. From Naga-style Smoked Pork with Fresh Bamboo Shoot to Eggs Benedict and Lamb Shawarma to Korean Barbecue and Soju, the food choices in Kammanahalli are bottomless.

Street Food

Al-Amanah Cafe

al amanah

Source: Swiggy

We guarantee satisfaction with one of their jumbo rolls – you can either have the chicken or the mutton version.

Where: 20, 5th Avenue, 5th Main Road, Kammanahalli

When: Monday-Sunday, 11am-11pm

Contact: +91 9900029506

Price: INR 80 upwards {approx.}

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Choi Choi Momos

Momo restaurants in Kammanahalli

Source: Choi Choi Momos

Besides the momos – steamed, pan-fried and fried – at this outlet, there is also Fish & Chips or a Noodle Box to go.

Where: 2, 18/1, Nehru Road, Kammanahalli

When: Monday-Sunday, 11am-10.30pm

Contact: +91 9880462211

Price: INR 200 for two {approx.}

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JS Food Court

Restaurants in Kammanahalli

Source: JS Food Court

Best chicken shawarma in the city. The meat here is cooked over charcoals, which gives it a crunchy char.

Where: 149, 5th A Main Road, Chinnappa Layout, Kammanahalli

When: Monday-Sunday, 9am-11pm

Contact: +91 9845000503

Price: INR 80 upwards {approx.}

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Arirang Korean Restaurant

We love everything on the menu here – their broths are delicious, deep and soupy, and their hot pots hit the spot. Also order some Soju, Korean rice wine, for some added fun.

Where: 13, NK Enclave Building, near Sathya Hospital, Chinnappa Layout, 4th Cross, Kammanahalli Main Road

When: Monday-Friday, Noon-3.30pm & 5-11pm. Saturday, noon-10pm. Sunday, noon-9pm

Contact: 080 41732581

Price: INR 1,500 for two {approx.}


Jamaican cuisine in Bangalore

Source: Hotel Jamayca

Here Jamaican cuisine is represented by the addition of a generous addition of jerk, an all-spice to their meats, but drop in for a chill Pina Colada, which is simply divine.

Where: Hotel Jamayca, 4M-426, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Outer Ring Road, Kalyan Nagar

When: Monday-Sunday, 7am-11.30pm

Contact: 080 65326666

Price: INR 500 for two {approx.}

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L’Cafe – Singapore Foods

Singaporean cuisine in Bangalore

Source: L’Cafe – Singapore Foods

This home-style food joint serves damn-good, authentic Singaporean food. Start with the steamed char siu pork baos, move on to the Singaporean chicken rice {an advance notice of three hours needs to be given} or the chicken Mee Goreng, a spicy Indonesian noodle, stir fried with meat and veggies.

Where: 34, Ground Floor, Paddanna Reddy Layout Road, Kalyan Nagar

When: Mon-Sat, 11am-9pm

Contact: +919663015867

Price: INR 800 for two {approx.}

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Asian food in Bangalore

Source: Noodleheads

This newly-opened fun South-East Asian restaurant is high on the flavours in everything from their salads to their curries.

Where: 315, CMR Road, diagonally opposite Jal Vayu Vihar (north gate) Kammanahalli

When: Monday-Sunday, 11am-11pm

Contact: 080 40980488

Price: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}

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Chubalas Curry and Rice


Source: Chubalas Curry & Rice

This restaurant marries Naga and Goan flavours. Our recommendation: get a Naga smoked pork thali and end the meal with a bebinca.

Where: 21, Nehru Main Road, Kammanahalli Circle, Kammanahalli

When: Monday-Sunday, 11am-3pm & 6-10.30pm

Contact: 080 49653381

Price: INR 500 for two {approx.}

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Lobo’s Food Lounge

At this place, they do amazing things with pork, with a killer sorpotel and vindaloo on offer. They’ve also got a small section of Anglo-Indian dishes that are a must-try.

Where: 13, Ramaiah Layout, opposite St Charles School, Kammanahalli Main Road

When: Monday-Sunday, 11am-11pm

Contact: 080 41700297

Price: INR 600 for two {approx.}

Naidu Military Hotel

This small joint isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you are feeling adventurous try any of the mutton spare part preparations with plain rice, ragi mudde or biryani rice.

Where: 50, Oil Mill Road, opposite Davis Bar, Kammanahalli

When: Monday-Sunday, 8am-10pm

Contact: No number

Price: INR 250 for two {approx.}

Meat Eaters

Cafe Thulp

Restaurants in Kammanahalli

Source: Cafe Thulp

Chef Gautam Krishnankutty is at the helm of this eatery that keeps adding yummy meaty offerings on its menu that come perfectly smoked, spiced and succulent.

Where: 21, 2nd Cross, CPR Layout, Kammanahalli

When: Monday-Sunday, noon-11pm

Contact: 080 41606454

Price: INR 800 for two {approx.}

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Connie’s Restaurant & Steakhouse

Restaurants in Kammanahalli

Source: Connie’s Restaurant

This might be the only restaurant in the city that offers pork steaks, which come sauced with options from pepper to Jack Daniel’s, and are to die for.

Where: 305, Nehru Road, Kammanahalli

When: Monday-Friday, 11am-11pm; Saturday-Sunday, 9am-11pm

Contact: +91 8792815159

Price: INR 800 for two {approx.}

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FireHouse – Bar & Kitchen

Bars in Kammanahalli

Source: Firehouse – Bar & Kitchen

On Friday nights, this place goes the karoake way but like all the days, they continue to serve up potent cocktails and greasy, feel-good bar nosh.

Where: 310, 3rd Block, Ring Road, opposite Indo-Asian Academy, HBR Layout

When: Monday-Sunday, 12.30-11.30pm

Contact: 080 49652969

Price: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}

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Bars in Kammanahalli

Source: Rewind

Their cocktails are named after some kickass movies and have the same heady effect. There’s also brilliant Mangalorean fare to help line the stomach.

Where: 315, 4th Floor, HRBR Layout, 2nd Block, 7th Main, Kammanahalli

When: Monday-Sunday, noon-11.30pm

Contact: 080 49653137

Price: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}

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The Local

Bars in Kammanahalli

Source: The Local

Kiran, the infamous jovial waiter from the Pecos on Rest House Road, has moved here. For some of us that is enough, but there is also a changing cocktail menu and delish food to keep us here!

Where: 2075, 4th Cross, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar

When: Monday-Sunday 11am-11.30pm

Contact: 080 49652885

Price: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}

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