Kani's Kitchen On Queen’s Road Serves Up Loaded Mutton Kheema Dosas For Just INR 90

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A darshini-type of restaurant on Queen’s Road, Kani’s Kitchen specialises in South Indian, non-vegetarian specialities at eye-poppingly low prices. The star of the menu is their delicious Mutton Kheema Dosa that’s a steal at just 90 bucks.

Dosa Delight

Newly-opened, Kani’s Kitchen {a little ahead from the Congress headquarters on Queen’s Road — on the opposite side} is a spic and span, budget eatery. It’s a lot like a darshini – you stand and eat, self-service is the mantra, and there’s no time for lingering meals. However, unlike the countless darshinis, that dot the city – Kani’s Kitchen has plenty of meat on its limited menu.

When you swing by, do give the day’s specials a quick glance. They usually have Podi Masala Chicken Dosa and other offerings but you’ve got to try their Mutton Kheema Dosa. The crispy dosa is layered with a fried egg and kheema that’s loaded with masala. It’s left on the pan long enough to make one thick dosa that’s got plenty of texture. And for 90 bucks it makes for a filling meal.

Meals Are Served

Another value for money deal is their non-veg meals. Again, for just 90 bucks, you can get a bowl of rice, sambhar {made with pearl onions}, rasam, chappati, a vegetable, and curd rice. With this, you get a side of Pepper Chicken Dry {shredded chicken tossed up in coconut and pepper}, a spicy chicken curry, and a boiled egg. There are very few other meals in the city that beat this one when it comes to value for money, that’s for sure. For those of you, who want to stick to vegetarian offerings. There’s the usual suspects — upma, pongal, dosas, chow chow bhath, and vegetarian pulav.