This Chennai-Based Roaster Is Bringing Us Awesome South Indian Coffee!

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Kapi kottai

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What Makes It Awesome

Coffee is life, it's an obsession to many. But have you had coffee two days in a row where they taste different each time? Different not in a good way? Join the club fam! Akshay, the Co-founder of Kapi Kottai welcomes you too. They believes in sourcing local and sustainable specialty coffee directly from estates across South India and has three single origins and one special blend. They are all roasted to order by Akshay. He shares that he initially used a wok to roast his coffee, then an OTG (worked like a charm) to perfect taste and now uses a professional grade roaster!

Let's talk single-origin first. Mind=Blown comes from Mooleh Manay Estate in Coorg, is naturally sun-dried, medium roasted and tastes syrupy and insanely fruity. Dark and Delish, from Glenfell Yercaud is dark roasted with notes of chocolate, malt and spice. Finally, Honey'd -- sundried Arabica coffee -- comes from Gowri Estate, Yercaud and tastes of sweet lime and raisins. Our pick would be the Kilpauk Standard, a mix of beans from Yercaud and Coorg that tastes great as a strong South Indian filter, espresso, pour over or aeropress. An all occasion coffee, if you will.

Kapi Kottai ships across the country and prices range between INR 250 to INR 350 for 250 grams. You can order via their Instamojo website (shipment charges applicable) or pick up your coffee from Akshay's home in Chennai too! The coffee is roasted in small batches every Wednesday and Sunday, so order accordingly.


If you're as impressed as we are with Kapi Kottai, know that they will soon be launching a sampler pack with all four coffees that you can buy, try and pick from.